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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

David Godman's book - BE AS YOU ARE

David Godman who lives in Tiruvannamalai, has written very many books on Ramana.
Here is one of them.
Pretty neat site too (scribd.com) where you can upload a complete document that can be read by other folks (uploaded in PDF, WORD etc)
Here is David's interview (see below for excerpts from his intervew in italics)

Ramana's book that David recommends reading
Arthur Osborne's A) The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi in his Own Words.
B) Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi and C) Day by Day with Bhagavan
Sadhu Om: The Path of Sri Ramana Part One. I

When I first came to Arunachala I fell in love with the place and wanted to stay as long as I could. I knew I didn't have much money, but I wanted to make it last as long as possible. There was a meter ticking away in my head: I have so much money, I am spending so much per day, and that means I have so many more days here. Those numbers, those equations were there all the time. Then, one day, as I was doing pradakshina of Arunachala, it all dropped away. It wasn't a mental decision. I stopped walking, turned, and faced the hill. I knew in that moment that whatever power had brought me here would keep me here until its purpose was finished, and that when it was time to go, it wouldn't matter if I was a millionaire or not, I would have to leave. From then on I stopped caring about money. In the period that I was worrying about money, all I did was spend. When I stopped caring, complete strangers would come up to me and give me money. Whenever I needed money, money just appeared out of nowhere.

Ramana liked to quote a saint of about 500 years ago who wrote in one of his verses, "Arunachala, you draw to yourself all those who are rich in jnana tapas.

He explicitly stated that it was the power of Arunachala that brought about his own Self-realization. He wrote poems extolling its greatness, and in the last 54 years if his life, he never moved more than a mile and a half away from its base. So, it is the power of Arunachala that is the true source of the power that now appears as "advaita messengers" all over the world.

For me, this is the world's great power spot. Arunachala has brought about the liberation of several advanced seekers in the past few centuries, and its radiant power remains even today as a beacon for those who want to find out who they really are.

My mind was fairly quiet most of the time and I really felt that I was making good progress on the road to Self-realization. However, within a few seconds of being looked at by Lakshmana Swamy, I was in a state of stillness and peace that was way beyond anything that I had experienced through my own efforts. That one darshan effectively demonstrated to me the need for a human Guru,

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