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Friday, October 26, 2007

Tips and Hints to Realization

Wait, wait. You don't follow. I will repeat it again. If there is a canal which comes out of a reservoir, you can follow this canal back to the place where it emerges from the reservoir. I am telling you, follow the 'I'-thought in the same way. Where does it rise from? I will tell you how to do it, how to find the answer. You don't have to box like Mohammed Ali for this. It is very simple. To know yourself is as simple as rubbing a rose petal. This knowledge or realisation is as simple as a rose petal in your fingers. It is not difficult at all. Difficulties only arise when you make an effort. So, you don't have to make any effort to go to the reservoir which is the source of 'I'. Don't make any effort and don't think either. Reject effort and reject thought. When I say reject thought, I mean, 'Reject the 'I'-thought and any kind of effort'. - Papaji

The mind deceives you when you meditate. The mind is always going to deceive you and cheat you, so don't depend on the mind. If the mind wants or likes something, don't listen to it. Whatever the mind likes, dislike it. Memory means past. When you meditate, you are trying to execute a plan which is in your mind: 'I have to arrive at the place I have read about.' Your later experience is therefore preplanned and that is what you get, because whatever the mind thinks, it manifests. - Papaji

"Sthiti, what do you mean by the word sthiti!" he exclaimed.
I was not prepared for that question. "Oho, this man is very dangerous, very dangerously alive. I will have to answer with proper care," I thought.
So I said to myself, "If I ask him about the sthiti or ‘state’ of the body it is useless: the body will be burned or buried. What I should ask him was about the condition of something within the body. Of course, I can recognize a mind inside of me." Then I was about to answer "By sthiti, I mean mind," when it struck me what if he counter-questions with "What is mind?" This I am not prepared to answer.
As all this was passing through my mind he was sitting there staring at me with a fierce look.
I then questioned within me, "What is mind? Mind is made up of thoughts. Now, what are thoughts?" I landed in a void. No answer. I then realised that I could not present a question about a mind which did not exist!
Up to that point, the mind was the greatest thing that existed for me. Now I discovered it did not exist! I was bewildered. I simply sat like a statue.
Two pairs of eyes were then gripping each other: the eyes of the Maharshi and my eyes were locked together in a tight embrace. I lost all sense of body. Nothing existed except the eyes of the Maharshi.
I don’t know how long I remained like that, but when I returned to my senses, I was terribly afraid of the man. "This is a dangerous man," I thought. In spite of myself, I prostrated and got away from his company. J. Krishnamurti Iyer

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