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Friday, January 18, 2008

8 Tips To Quiet The Mind

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8 Tips To Quiet The Mind
From time to time, we can find ourselves having difficulty calming the mind. Control of our thoughts can elude us, and can be very frustrating. But, there are techniques available to help a busy mind find peace and calmness.

Here is a list of 8 techniques that can be used to calm the waters of your mind:

1 - Visualize a lit Candle in your mind and keep the flame still

2 - Focus on your breathing, using deep, long, and sustained breaths

3 - Repeat the mantra in your mind “I desire to return to my source”

4 - Pick a constant sound in the room, like the air conditioner, and focus on the sound

5 - If thoughts about the days business or duties come to your mind, visualize them being released to the sun

6 - Listen, and pick out, three distinct sounds that your body makes internally

7 - Visualize a beautiful flower, and count each and every petal while taking in all the details of the unique flower petal

8 - Draw each letter of the word “peace” one letter at a time, and then pause in between the letters and observe the empty space. If your mind begins to wonder in the empty space, begin drawing the next letter.

What’s your favorite technique for calming the mind?

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