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Friday, February 01, 2008

How to repay Lord Shiva?

I was rather touched by the sincere and devotional question - a question from the bottom of her blessed soul. Read on....
, suchitra wrote:
Namaskar Shiva Bhaktas,

From a time, that I don't remember, I have been worshipping Lord
Shiva.Soemtimes for some gain, sometimes , jsut like that. He has
always heard me and fulflled whatever I have asked from him. Now I
feel so guilty that I have always asked and never repayed. What is the
best way to repay him and reciprocate the feelings?

--- Here is the equally sincere response from "Dr.B.G.Y Sastry" ----

Namaste to all.

Bhakti is eternal.

The question, though appears as childish, it is full of devotion and made me to recollect Sri Kalahasti, which is the example of types of devotional puja by a concentrated human, animal and even a snake.

I would like to say some thing on this.

When the entire Universe is in the Lord and of the Lord, what HE expects from us and from his own property?
HE is the father of the entire Universe. Father always give whatever the children are in need. Does he expect any thing back? Never.

We all pray Lord Siva in different sthothra.

For instance:

1. NaagEndra haaraaya trilOcanaaya,
bhasmaanga raagaaya mahESvaraaya,
nityaaya Suddhaaya digambaraaya,
tasmai “na” kaaraaya namaSSivaaya.

2. tridaLam triguNaakaaram,
triNEtranca triyaayudham,
trijanma paapasamhaaram,
Ekabilvam Sivaarpitam.

If we read the first one above, it is clear about the posture of Lord.
He is adorned with “Bhasma” and not with ornaments.

The second one says about the effect of offering one “Bilwa leaf”.
There are many like this. What is that we should know?
Lord does not aspire for any pomp and splendor. One leaf of “Bilwa” with full devotion and Bhakti is enough to attain Him.

Siva's name literally means "auspicious" and it is an appropriate description of him. He is often portrayed as an ascetic or a yogi in Hindu mythology and art. Siva is also called Mahadeva or the Great God because through his many incarnations the whole of reality is explained or understood. Siva represents the Sun as the inherent power behind all creation. He is illuminating force of the mind and the world through the senses. He is the Atman, the highest Self. He is also often depicted with his wife, Parvati, who represents the Moon. The two representing a perfect whole and unity of man / woman – male / female energy or in Hindu terms, Siva / Shakti. Siva is often wrongly depicted merely a fearsome deity, through the terrible form of Rudra, the God of destruction and transformation. As Rudra, he brings the destruction that is necessary for the light of truth to be born out of chaos and ignorance. But Siva also gives the courage and strength necessary to endure the hardship and pain of this necessary transformation.

The best way to repay Him is only chanting "Om NamahSSivaaya"

Let us all live at the feet of "Jyothirlinga Swarupa".

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