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Friday, March 28, 2008

Kamakhya - Vaishno Devi of the East

Make sure you make it part of your travel agenda.

Kamakhya to become `Vaishno Devi` of the east

The famous pilgrim centre of Kamakhya in Assam would now be given a facelift to make it the `Vaishno Devi of the North-East` for religious tourists from across the world.

The Assam government has firmed up plans to develop this seat of the mystique tantra cult, also regarded in religious texts as the seat of the `shakti pith`, as the centre point of its unexplored religious tourism circuit.

"Kamakhya has all the ingredients of becoming another Vaishno Devi. It is not only the greatest shrine of the tantric cult but also appeals to tourists for the beauty of its scenic surroundings," Commissioner and Secretary of Assam government`s tourism department Suresh Chandra Panda told here.

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