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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Musings on Shiva Ratri

I have been mulling over this for some time now...
In my trips to the jyotirlingas it is fairly apparent that they are not well maintained, case in example Bhimashankar, which is a rickety ride off the highway - on a very poor road. The temple itself can be maintained and provide lot more facilities to the pilgrims.

Whereas, when I see the temples out west, case in example Pittsburgh Hindu Temple, The Ashland Hindu temple in Massachussets, these are rolling with $$ and are constantly spending in the upkeep of the temple. The temples are indeed a pleasure to walk into. It should be noted that I am not implying that the budget is misused in the west, it is a capitalistic society and the money is well spent with resultant benefits to the temple visitors.

But what I would like to propose here is to have sister temples with each jyotirlinga - that will be in charge of donating a % of their donations to the renovation of these famous Shiva Mandirs. We will need to be vigilant to ensure that it is well spent and create a process in place, but we do need to think of the upkeep of these famous Shiva mandirs that piligrims go to much pain to visit and do darshan at.

My 2 cents on the occassion of Shiva Ratri , but hope to translate this into a $1 soon.

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