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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Conversations with Kavitha

"When one's practice gets less focused, we need to dwell upon: why do you practice? What is your desire for liberation? Why are you on a spiritual 'path?"

We need that extra jolt of spiritual energy to recharge and proceed.

That was exactly what I needed, a satsang of sorts.
Had the most invigorating discussion with Kavitha - who is another Shiva lover. I have been to her blog and found it a tad academic at times, devoid of the spirtual fervor of a sadhak, but to my utter surprise, she had the intensity for my Shivjee - akin to what Mirabai had for Krishna. She had taken the mantras, shlokas and japa to the next level...

She had achieved a 'realization' of sorts, that she was exuberantly discussing around this mantra...
Om namo panchamukha vigneshwara mahamantrasya sada shiva rishihi devi gayatri chandaha...

that I couldn't get. But the genuineness of her intensity blazed forth in its utter brightness blinding everything around me, as I tried to grasp some of it and imbibe within, the inspiration that would take me to the next hump. She was sharing, and I was privvy to her own private world - that she shared on her blog albeit in an indirect way, that was not so apparent to me....but that was so clearly visible as her devotion for Shivjee emerged from within her heart
(I made a mental note to go back and read them again...)

THis is how she explained the above verse
the form of the 5 faced deity - has been explained in various verses as THE ultimate form of the deity and it took me ages to realize the potency of the mantra i was reciting to Vigneshwara and Sada shiva these were all theoritical till now... its become emotional... ever since i realized what i was reciting...it took me ages to realize that panchamukha vigneshwara and sada shiva - both were ultimate forms of Ganesha and Shiva - 5 faced and 16 (or more) handed that very similar to the vishwarupa darshanam of Krishna in the gitaam also very close to believing that devi gayatri is also 5 face

She described this shloka that was utterly familiar to me,
om namastestu bhagavan vishveshwaraya, mahadevaya, trayambakaya tripurantakaya trigaknikalaya kalagnirudraya neelakanthaya mrityunjaya sarveshwaraya sadashivaya shriman mahadevaya namaha
but I felt distant as she described the poetry in the word rudram and on the syllables....

her passion for the maha mrityunjaya mantra....

specially when the additional echo is added at "sunganDHIM pushtivardhanam
you know... when you keep reciting this.. you start to sway a little.. because its so rhtyhmic
you sing.. you dont recite anymore and in my mind i am dancign (bharatnatyam)... what ever little i know with the lord.. how "romantic" can it get

I woke up once again to the magic of the mantras, as they were intended by whoever authored them...

We discussed many deviations, it became a wrestling match at times, America and India, values and lifestyles, we admitted to our views of blogging... she preferred to call me by my given name, while I preferred my alias to be the shield over my emotions and thoughts....

Bottom line, she had transcended to the next level of SHiva Bhakti, and found Shivness in everything. She described her love for Shivjee with all the intensity and yearning she felt and I could feel some of it.
it fills the heart with so much love..yearning for him...
passion that nothing else matters really

THe intensity had crossed over to me too...we were intertwined via her poetry ...., I looked at the half moon over the silhouette of the roof. I could see magic in that too, my perspective had changed. I called it a night with the recurrent wish of dreaming of Bholenath, in all His glory.

The morning found me still preserving the bounce....

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