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Sunday, May 04, 2008

THoughts to help with enlightenment

I like to dwell on a thought mantra - develop a focus for the thought pattern.

The mantra lately has been - FEEL THE LOVE OF GOD.
Feel the Love of GOD Showering upon me....

And - this one became a building block to the others

I thank the ONE for everything I have and for everything that he gives to me and all of this below that I am going to get. I have the power inside me and I am going to maximize it’s power.
I am at total peace with hardly a worry in this world – in the absolute present – the past was and the future is going to – but I am in the present and @ peace. I am in the oneness that we call moksha. The limitations of the body are OF the body – while I remain untarnished and untouched blazing in my own glory.
I am part of God and I can feel the blessings and brilliant love radiating upon me – there is nothing to worry about. Everything I need in this world will be given to me.
I am free of all negative energy, radiating love towards everyone- knowing that we are part of the same whole - and benevolent towards everyone.


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