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Monday, June 02, 2008

"Amogh Sadaa Shiva Kavach" / "Sahastrakshar Amogh Kavach" (with English Translation)

This is the stotra that provides us Lord Shiva's halo of protection. Whatever be your problems, whether of the horoscope, or spirits or tantra or black magic, this kavach works. I emphasise, it works period! The beauty of this stotra is that you don’t need anything else (like a yantra) to recite it. All you need is complete devotion for Lord Shiva. Chant it once daily or as many times as you can. It is regarded as SWAYAM SIDDHA – that is, the benefits kick-in right after the first recitation. There is no minimum (or maximum) for this stotra. It is regarded as sahastrakshar amogh kavach.

Digging a bit deeper - The benefits may be very subtle, but miracles do happen. It is for our minds to embrace the fact that a miracle did happen. Sometimes it takes months and even years to conclude that the grace of SHiva was upon us. A sincere devotee is not going to be cast away into the wind that much I can assure you of our Lord Shiva. A single drop of tear is enough to melt Shivjee's heart and the earth will move to accomodate us. It is not the Krishna's miracle of Yamuna parting ways that we will witness, but the miracles are around us, it is for us to notice, relish, and revive the spirituality that is dormant in all of us. Very few of us are really capable of dissecting these mantras and understanding the core of it's concepts and teachings. Some enlightened gurus automagically garner such capabilities. Some normal people automagically get enlightened e.g
Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor ""My Stroke of Insight". I don't even try, all I have is my bhakti, and raising that to the next level is enough. This needs inspiration and inspiration comes from all sides, electronic artifacts, paper trails - call it what you may, but that itself is a miracle, there are a trillion html pages floating around in the WWW, what are the chances of this particular one flooding my senses. I was completely bowled over by the magical capabilities of this mantra as described, I read it verbatim, not capable of interpreting or misinterpreting as my intellect does not allow it (yet) but if I can read it with immense love and devotion for Shivjee - that itself is energizing for me and my spiritual path. This mantra is magic of Mahadev and I am already feeling it!

This is part of a conversation of Rishi Rishabh with a Prince revealing to him the esoteric truth of Siva Kavacha, the supreme secret of all tapasyas, armed with this protective halo one can conquer the enemies and be bereft of all sins.There is a prologue (Karanyas, Hridayadi Anganyasah, dhyanam, panchapuja) and epilogue (phala Shruti) to this, but the benefit is in recitation of this piece below. (Still looking for some further background on this, but there is not much electronic trail to follow. If you have something to supplement this, do point it my way)

Thanks to Swami Sivananda for the translation
(Enhancements / Corrections to text or translation are very welcome)


asya shrI shiva kavacha stotra mahAmantrasya
Rishhabha yogIshvara RishhiH
anushhTup(h) chhandaH .
shrI Samba SadAshivo devatA .
oM bIjam .
namaH shaktiH .
shivAyeti kilakam.
mama Samba SadAshiva prItyarthe japeviniyogaH .

This is conducted to honor the sage and the spiritual powers behind this mantra. This is also the time to express your specific wishes in the prayer. You take a little water in the right hand and chant the following.

Aum yogeeshwar rishi anushtup chandah swayam sadashiv rudra devata hraam beejam hreem shaktih hoom keelakam aum bhoor bhuvah swaha dig bandhah sadashiv preetarthe pathe viniyogah

Aum Namo Bhagwate Sadaashivaaya, I bow down to that Lord Sadasiva,

Sakal tatvaatmakaaya, who is that Supreme Truth,

Sarva mantraswaroopaaya, who is the very form of holy hymns and sacred rites,

Sarva Yantra Aadhish titaaya, who is beyond all knowledge and truth,

Sarva Tantra Swaroopaaya, (who is in the form of all magic)

Sarva Tatva Vidooraaya, (who is just?)

Brahma Rudra avtaarine

Neel Kanthaaya

Paarvati Manohar Priyaaya, who is the incarnation of Brahma and Rudra (blue throat, one who is the loving husband of Parvati)

som sooryaagni Lochnaaya, Whose very eyes are the Sun, moon and fire

basmadhu lit vigrahaaya, Who is smeared in white holy ash

Maha mani mukut Dhaarnaaya, who wears a crown and artless jewellery,

MANIKYA BHUSHANAYA, Who is studded with diamonds and jewelery

Shristi Sthithi parlaya Kaal Roudra Avtaaraaya, who is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of the whole universe,
Dakshadhwar dhwansakaaya,
who destroyed Daksha’s sacrifice,

Mahakalbhednaaya, Who kills the tide of time

Mooladhaarayek Neelayaya, Who resides alone in the Muladhara

TatvaaTeetaaya, who transcends the categories of knowledge,

Gangadharaaya, upon whose head the holy Ganga makes her permanent abode, w

Sarvadevaadhi devaaya, who is immanent in all beings ???

Shadashrayaaya, who possesses the six qualities, ????

Vedaantasaaraaya, who is the truth and essence of philosophy, ????

trivarga saadhnaaya, who is the means to attain the three Vargas (Dharma, Artha and Kama),

Anantha koti brahmaanda naayakaaya, who is the Lord of the worlds ????

ananta vaasu(hu)ki takshaak karkotak shankha kalikapadma Mahapadmyet-yayti,

Ashta MahaNaag kul bhooshanaaya, Who wears the eight serpent kings round his neck

pranav swaroopaaya, Who is the very form of Pranava


akaashadik swaroopaaya, Who is the embodiment of pure consciousness, whose form is of ether and the directions,

graha nakshatra maaline, sakalaaya, Who wears a universal necklace of stars, planets and galaxies

kalankar hitaaya, who is pure and spotless,

Sakal lokayk karte, who is the preceptor of all the worlds,

Sakal lokayk karte,

Sakal lokayk bharte,

Sakal lokayk sanhartay,

Sakal lokayk ga(ha)rvay

Sakal Lokayk saakshini, Who is the supreme witness of the entire universe

sakal Nigam gruhvaaya,

Sakal vedaanta paargaaya, Who is the supreme secret of all the Vedas

sakal Lokayk varpradaaya, Who bestows boons upon his devotees

Sakal Lokayk Shankaraaya,

Sakal Daritarti(r) Bhanjanaya,

Sakal Jagad Bhayankaraya,

Shashank shekharaaya,

Shaasvat nija vaasaaya, and who showers mercy upon the poor and ignorant.

Nirakaraya, Nirabhaasaaya, Niraa-myaaya, Nirmalaaya, Nirlobhaaya, Nirmohaaya, Nirmardaaya,

Nish chintaaya, Nira(ha)nkaaraay, Nirahankashaya, Niraakulaaya, Nish Kalankaaya Nirgunaaya,

Nish kaamaaya,niroopaplavaaya, Nirupadravaya, Nirvadhaaya, Nirantaraaya, Nish Kaarnaaya,

Niraanta kaaya, Nish prapachaaya, Nih Sangaaya, Nirdwandaaya, Niraadharaya,

niragaaya, nish krodhaaya, Nirlopaya, Nirgamaaya, Nish paapaaya, Nir bhayaaya,

Nir Vikalpaaya, Nir Bhedaaya, Nish Kriyaaya, Nistulaaya, Nih Sanshyaaya,

Niranjanaaya, Niroopamavi-bhavaaya,

I pray to the all-merciful Lord who is ever pure and all-blissful, who is free from all lust, greed and sorrow, who is bereft of all flaws and qualities, who is devoid of desire, disease, ego and attachment, who is all-pervading, endless and eternal, who is beyond the chains of causes and effects, in whom all pains and pleasures, pride, power and pomp, fears and dangers, sins and sufferings sink and die.

Nitya Shudha Buddhimakta Paripoorna, Sacchidanandadwaaya,

I worship Him, who is the embodiment of Pure Consciousness, in whom doubts are dried and actions cease, who is beyond all change, time and destruction, who is full, pure, mute and eternal, who is Satchidananda (Existence-Absolute, Knowledge-Absolute and Bliss-Absolute),

Param Shaant swaroopaaya, who is the incommunicable place personified,

Tejo Roopaaya, who is all-effulgence and effulgence embodied,

Tejo mayaaya, who is the beneficent One, the radiant vision of Infinite Beauty and Beatitude.

Tejo Adhipata-yay,

Jay Jay Rudra Mahaa Roudra Bhadraavtaar maha bairav, Kaal bhairav, kalpant bhairav, O my Lord! Victory on Thee. Thou art the incarnation of Rudra, Raudra and Bhadra. Thou art that Mahabhairava, Kalabhairava.

kapaal maladhar, Thy garlands are the necklaces of skulls

Khat-Vaanga and Thou holdest the divine weapons Khatvanga,

CharmaKhangadhar Paashankush skin (Charma),

damru kar, sword, noose, hook, drum,

trishoolchaap baan gadaa shakti bhinda paal trident, bow, arrow, club, Sakti (a weapon)

tomar, musal mudgar paash parigh bhushundee shataghnee, chakradhyay, and the like in Thy hands.

bheeshan kar sahastra mukh danshtra karaal vadan,

vikatattahaas visfaarirt, Brahmaanda Mandal,

O thousand-faced God! Thou art fearful to look at with Thy terrible teeth and Thy pealing laughter pierces through all the worlds.

Nagendra Kundal, Serpents are Thy ear-rings,

naagendrahaar, Serpents are garland

Naagendra valaya, Serpents are bracelets

naagendra charma dhar, Thou wearest elephant-skin on Thy body.???

Naagendra Niketan

Mrityunjaya Trayambak, Thou art the conqueror of death, O three-eyed God!

Tripuraantak, the destroyer of the three cities,

Vishwa roop, Thou art all-existent,

virupaaksha, Immanence of things,


vrishabha vaahan, Rishaba is Your vehicle


vishwa tomukh, The world is in your face

Essence of Peace, and the Supreme Bliss and Silence, O Sambhu! Thou art verily the Brahman of Veda and Vedanta. Thou art all-pervading, ancient and eternal


Raksh Raksh, mam

jwal jwal, Prajwal Prajwal Save me, my Lord!

mahaa mrityu bhayam shamaya, shamaya Dispel my fears from unnatural death and dangers,

Apa mrityu bhayam naashaaya, naashaaya,

Roga Bhayam Utsadayot Sadaya

chor bhay matsaadyot paadaya,

Vish sarpa bhayam shamaya shamaya,

Chouraan maaraya maaraya,

mam shatrun ucchaattaya ucchaattaya, destroy my enemies,

trishoolen vidaaraya vidaaraaya, with Thy trident and chop them off with the edge of Thy sword.

kanthaaren bhindhi bhindhi,

khangen chindhi chindhi,

khat vaangen, vipudhaya, vipudhaya,

munsalen nish peshaya nish peshaya ,

baanou(h) santaadaya santaadaya,

Raksa rakshaansi bheeshaya bheeshaya

Ashesh bhootan vidraavaya vidraavaya,

kush maand Bhoota vetaal, mareech, Brahma raakshasa gannaan santraasaya santraasya,

Frighten the bands of Betala, Kushmanda and the like with the bow and arrows.

maam abhayam kuru kuru

Mama papa(m) Shodhaya Shodaya

vitrast mam Ashwaasyaa Ashwaasaya,

narak Mahabhayaan maam uddhar uddhar

Amrit Kataksha Vikshanen Mam

Alokya Alokya sanjeevaya, sanjeevaya, Save me from falling into the pit of fearful hell and render me free and fearless

kshutra bhayaam mam aapyaaya aapyaaya, Cover me with Thy armour and protect me always. I am poor, meek, humble and helpless

dukh turam maama anandya anandya, I dedicate all at Thy feet and leave myself at Thy disposal.

shiv kavachen mam aachchhaadaya aachchhaadaya

HAR HAR mrtunjaya tryanbak sadaashiv ParamShiva namaste namaste Namah

Thou art my only prop and saviour. O Lord Sadasiva! Mrityunjaya! Tryambaka! Salutations to Thee again and again.


  1. I love visiting your blog on Lord Shiva. Please continue posting more mantras, experiences of Lord Shiva in your blog.

    Please write more on sahastrakshar amogh kavach. Keen to learn more about it.

    Jayanti Sundar

  2. It is a great work!. Can someone please direct me to a link that has mp3 for this Shri Amogh Shiv Kavach or sennd me the file?

    Thanks and regards,

    Om Namah Shivah

    Krisha Gupta (jammu55@gmail.com)

  3. Shiva Kavacha Stotram
    Streaming Audio Link

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDxTgU6q6T0


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