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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Mystical Pothi Oracle of Achyutananda Das

The Mystical Pothi Oracle of Achyutananda Das
By Manamohan Mahapatra | Published 04/5/2008

The sacred oracle (tamra pothi) of Achyutananda Das is a series of blank copper pages. Once a questioner has asked his questions, the answers mystically appear engraved on the blank pages.

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  1. The pothi oracle at Kakatpur had become the center of a sizable establishment.
    The Kakatpur pandit had held the pothi for more than a decade at the time of our
    visit. At this time a building had been built outside of the pandit's village
    for reading the pothi oracle for people who had come from various distances.
    When we arrived, the building was surrounded by people waiting for their turn to
    consult the pothi. They told us that some had been in the village waiting for
    several days to get in.

    The following is an interview recorded Wednesday July 29, 1992 between Manamohan
    Mahapatra (MM) and Pandit Amareswar Mishra (AM), the reader of the oracle,
    explaining how he came to possess it.

    Check the Link:


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