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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

RoadSigns - Navigating your path to Spiritual Happiness

Just finished this book by Philip Goldberg, certainly would recommend reading.
Some of it may be rudimentary to the advanced aspirant, but it is well worth going over.
Provides a good roadmap, gotchas along the way and some down-to-earth advice.

Emphasizes a regiment, and diligent attempts to stick to it. As Mahatma Gandhi sad, " I have so much to accomplish today, that I must meditate for two hours instead of one".

It lays out the traps lucidly. The trap that we fall into could be expecting too much too soon, comparing ourselves to others and using faulty landmarks. As we will all agree, growth does not mean getting what we want or the absence of misfortune in our lives. Flashy incidents are to be NOT expected. The story is told of Bankei who was challenged to demonstrate some miracles. Bankei said, " MY only miracle is that when I feel hungry, I eat and when I feel thirsty, I drink". Bankei just noticed on of the daily miracles of life.

Success is gauged by the unspectacular - more contentment, joy, compassion, peace, humility, love; LESS selfishness, narcissism, fear, pettiness, ego etc. Advancing spiritually can be so simple, so unglamourous that we can easily understimate how far we've come.

But we have to set aside time to seed and fertilize our GOD SEED - as Eckhart says - time spent in CONTEMPLATION or PRAYER or MEDITATION or perhaps a combination. You will know what works for you - as the difference is quite perceptible. Spiritual practice should be a respite not a burden. But at the same time, the earnestness should not impact our daily life adversely - we HAVE to continue doing our duties that the world demands.

LIBERATION can be like a bolt of lightening, slowly unfold like dawn or perhaps not at all. But enjoy the road - because it will be just a memory we crave perhaps, once we find ourselves at the end of road.

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