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Friday, June 13, 2008

Shiva Kavach - absolute surrender

Snippets from Shiva Kavach.
I read this and find so much satisfaction in the ultimate surrender - the surrender of a man who gives into the will of Shiva ....putting my trust into everything that He will do to guide my life, He being the all powerful - there is absolutely no need to do anything else. Surrender is all it will take. He is "everything" - nothing else is more important than that realization...the thought of realization (personal) is itself irrelevant as long as we can focus on the all encompassing Lord Shiva. Everything pales into absolute insignificance, as I surrender myself. There is nothing to worry of or about - just surrender! Just Shiva Bhakti is the ultimate deliverance. Bestow faith and trust upon him, and everything and anything that you need will be provided - no holds barred!

I pray to the all-merciful Lord who is ever pure and all-blissful, who is free from all lust, greed and sorrow, who is bereft of all flaws and qualities, who is devoid of desire, disease, ego and attachment, who is all-pervading, endless and eternal, who is beyond the chains of causes and effects, in whom all pains and pleasures, pride, power and pomp, fears and dangers, sins and sufferings sink and die.

Nistulaaya, Nih Sanshyaaya, Niranjanaaya,Niroopamapi bhavaaya,
Nitya Shudha Buddhi Paripoorna, Sacchidanandadwaaya,
I worship Him, who is the embodiment of Pure Consciousness, in whom doubts are dried and actions cease, who is beyond all change, time and destruction, who is full, pure, mute and eternal, who is Satchidananda (Existence-Absolute, Knowledge-Absolute and Bliss-Absolute),

Sarvato Raksh Raksh, mam jwal jwal, Save me, my Lord!
dukh turam maama ananya anandya, I dedicate all at Thy feet and leave myself at Thy disposal.
shiv kavachen maamaach chhaadaya mrtunjaya tryanbak sadaashiv namaste namaste
Thou art my only prop and saviour. O Lord Sadasiva! Mrityunjaya! Tryambaka! Salutations to Thee again and again.

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