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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday night musing

Reading Eckhart Tolle - makes it all so real and within reach.
Reading Mantras and Sholkas - I felt a surreal connection with all the souls who have read it through the ages - and here I am reading them again, and in the future someone else will be reading it and will feel that similar sense of bhakti for Shiva -

I go back to the first time I recognized the world when I was around ~3 years old, how the veil was lifted from my eyes and I could see the sun shining in all its brightness, the grass green as ever and the world was the most magnificent place ever... was that the state of moksha that I had touched upon?

I go back to the car crash that I had experienced, and I go back to that instant, when I felt the THUMP of the car and the jolt and it seemed like at that instant, it was not me, but someone else that experienced the hurt. I think back and I think that it was me getting in touch with my dual self.

Moments of joy or sorrow, something outside of the normal - seems to always bring out the dual self that hides inside me.

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