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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sri Rudram

SRI RUDRA from the 3rd Pancha Kedar - Rudranath Temple

This is a compilation of sholkas from Sri Rudram that have special appeal for me

om namo bhagavate rudrayay


Namaste Rudra manyava utota ishave Namah |
Namaste astu dhanvane bahubhya muta te Namah |
Oh! Rudra Deva! My salutations to your anger and also to your arrows. My salutations to your bow and to your two hands.

Avatatya dhanustvam sahasraksha
Shatesudhe Nishirya shalyanam mukha
shivo nah sumana bhava

You having a thousand eyes, and bearing a hundred quivers, after loosening your bow, kindly blunt the edges of your shafts. Assume your peaceful and auspicious Siva form and become well-intentioned towards us.

Namaste astu bhavagan vishvesvaraya mahadevaya triyambakaya triupuran-takaya
trikalagni kalaya kalaagni Rudraya nilakanthaya mrutyunjayaya sarveshvaraya sadashivaya sriman mahadevaya Namah
Let my salutations be to that great God who is the Lord of the universe; the great God who has three eyes and who destroys Tripura, the three Asura cities.
To that God who is the Dandhya time when the three sacred fires are lit; who is Rudra the fire that consumes the universe; whose throat is blue; who has conquered death; the Lord of all; the ever auspicious one; salutations to that glorious and great God.


Namo bhavasya hetyai jagatam patayou namo |
Salutations to Him the instrument that destroys Samsara (Ignorance); to the Lord of all the worlds, salutations.

Namo bhuvantayou varivaskrutayau shadhinam patayou namo ||
Salutations to Him who has created the world and spread it broad, the creator of riches and lover of those who are devoted to Him; to the Lord of all vegetation, salutations.


Namo syadbhyo vidhyad bhyascha vo namo ||
Salutations to you who loosen the arrows and pierce the persons you aim at; to you salutations.

Nama ashinebhyash shayane bhyascha vo namo |
Salutations to you Rudras who are seated and who are reclining, salutations


Nama uganabhya strumhati bhyascha vo namo |
Salutations to you who are in the form of the superior female Gods and the fierce vengeful and powerful Goddesses.

Namo ganebhyo Ganapati bhyascha vo namo |
Salutations to you Ganas and their lords.

Nama stakshabhyo ratha kar bhyascha vo namah
Salutations to you who are in the form of those who teach the chariot driving to others, and those who drive the vehicles themselves.


Namo bhavaya cha Rudraya cha
Salutations to Him who is the source of all things and to Him who is the destroyer of all ills.

Namo bruhate cha varshiyase cha
Salutations to the great and majestic one, to Him who is full of all excellence.

Namo Agriyaya cha prathamaya cha
Salutations to Him who was before all things and who is foremost.


Namah purvajaya chaparajaya cha
Salutations to Him who was born before all and who will be born after all.

Namah shrutaya cha shrutasenaya cha
Salutations to Him who is praised in the Vedas and whose army is also praised.


Namo nisangine cheshudhi mate cha
Salutations to Him who has a sword and a quiver of arrows.

Namo vastavyaya cha vastupaya cha.
Salutations to Him who is household wealth and the guardian deity of the household.


Nama shangaya cha pashupatayou cha
Salutations to Him who brings happiness and who is the Lord of all creatures.

Namo hantre cha haniyase cha
Salutations to Him who is in the form of everyone who slays, and who kills all at the time of Pralaya.

Namash shambhave cha mayo bhave cha
Salutations to Him who is the source of happiness here and hereafter.
Namah shankaraya cha mayaskaraya cha
Salutations to Him who is inherently of the nature of conferring happiness directly in this world and the world hereafter.

Namah prataranaya chottaranaya cha
Salutations to Him who ferries men over the sins and evils of Samsara (the Illusions of the world), and who by the grant of knowledge ferries them over Samsara altogether.


Namah kapardine cha pulastayou cha,
Salutations to Him who binds His matted locks and wears them majestically like a crown and Him who ever stands before His devotees.

Namah pam savyaya cha rajasyaya cha
Salutations to Him who is in the visible and invisible dust.

Namo vah kirikebhyo devanam hrudayou bhyo,
Salutations to you who shower wealth and who dwell in the hearts of the Gods.


Ya te Rudra Shiva tanu Shiva vishvaha bheshaji, Shiva Rudrasya Bhesaji tasya no mruda jivase ||
Oh Lord Rudra! By that form of yours which is peaceful and auspicious, more highly auspicious since it is a panacea for human ills for all days, most highly auspicious since by the grant of knowledge and illumination, it utterly uproots ignorance and the entire misery of samsara, by that gracious form of your make us lead a full and happy life.

Mruda no Rudrota no maya skrudhi kshayadviraya
Namasa vidhema te, yacchamcha yoscha manurayaje pita
Tadshyama tava Rudra pranitau ||

Lord Rudra! Confer on us happiness in this world, and in the next. You who has destroyed our sins, we shall serve and worship you by our salutations. That freedom from sorrow which Manu, our progenitor, sought for and the happiness which he obtained, we shall taste it, if You are inclined and gracious to us.

Aratte goghna uta purushaghne kshayadviraya sumna masme Te astu,
Raksha cha no adhi cha deva bruhyatha cha nah Sharma yacchavi barhah ||

Oh Deva! Let that terrible form of yours be far away from us -- that which afflicts our cattle, our sons and grandsons, and wastes your enemy warriors. Let that form which confers happiness be near to us. Protect us. Recommend us to the other Gods and bespeak in our favor. You who increases the happiness of both worlds. Please confer happiness upon us.
Stuhi shrutam garta sadam yuvanam mrugannabhima mupahat numugram, mruda jaritre Rudra Satvano anyante asmanniva pantu senaha ||
I praise you the famous one, seated in the heart, the ever-youthful, terrible like the lion, fierce for the purpose of destruction. Lord Rudra, having been praised by us, let your armies strike at others and NOT at us.
Parino Rudrasya hetir vrunaktu pari tve shasya durmati raghayoho |
Ava sthira maghavad bhyastanushva midhvasttokaya tanayaya mridaya

Let the weapon of Rudra give us wide berth. Let the fixed displeasure of Rudra blazing with just anger based on our sins, and keen to punish us, depart from us. Showerer of Blessings! Your purpose and your shaft are ever unerring; loosen them in regard to us; we who approached you with sacrifices and prayers. Make our sons and their sons happy.

Midhushthama shivatama shivo nah sumana bhava parame vriksha Ayudhan nidhaya krittim vasana achara pinakam bibhradagahi |
Supreme showerer of blessings. Supreme auspicious One! Be auspicious and beneficent, and bear goodwill to us. Place your threatening and hurtful weapons on some tall and distant tree. Approach us wearing your elephant hide garment. Come bearing your Pinaka bow.

Vikirida vilohita Namaste astu bhagavaha, Yaste sahasragam hetayo nyamasmanniva pantu tah ||
Showerer of wealth! You white One! Lord Bhagavan! Salutations to you. Let your thousands of weapons not destroy us, but rather destroy our enemies.

Sahasrani sahasradha bahuvostava hetayah |
Tasamishano bhagavah parachina mukha krudhi ||

In your arms exist thousands of kinds of weapons in thousands of numbers. But Bhagavan, You art Lord and master of them. Turn their hurtful faces away from us.


You etavanta scha bhuyam sascha disho Rudra vitasthire,
Those Rudras so far mentioned, and over and above them, who have entered the quarters and occupied them, we shall cause the strings of their bows to be loosened, and the bows themselves to be deposited thousands of yojanas far away from us.

Tesagam sahasra yojane vadhanvani tanmasi.
Those Rudras who are on this earth, to whom food turns into shafts, I bow to them with my speech. With my ten fingers joined, I bow to them with my body facing the east, the south, the west, the north, and upwards, I bow to them with my mind. May they render me happy. Oh Rudras, to whom we bow! I consign him whom we hate and he who hates us, into your yawning mouths.

Tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushti vardhanam
Urvaru rukamiva bhandhanam mrityor mukshiya mamritate.

He who has divine fragrance, He who makes men powerful and full of plenty, Him even we worship, the three-eyed Rudra. Like a ripe berry from its stalk, release me from death, and let me not turn away from immortality and enlightenment.

Ayam me vishvabhesajo yam shivabhimarshanaha
Due to its contact with the Linga image, this right hand of mine is fortunate. Indeed this hand of mine is a panacea for all human beings for all ills.

Yo te sahasramayutam pasha mrityo martyaya hantave
Tanyagyasya mayaya sarvanava yajamahe

Oh Death in the form of Rudra. Those countless nooses of yours by which You destroy all mortal creatures, we shall loosen them by the efficiency of our worship of you.

Mrityave Svaha, Mrityave Svahaha
I offer this sacred food offering in sacrifice to Rudra the Destroyer.

OM Namo Bhagavate Rudraya Vishnave mrityume pahi
Om. Salutation to the omnipresent Bhagavan Rudra. Protect me from death.

Prananam granthirasi rudro ma vishantakaha.
Tenan nenapyayasva.
OM Namo Bhagavate Rudraya Vishnave mrityume pahi
Prananam granthirasi rudro ma vishantakaha.
Tenan nenapyayasva SadaShivoham
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Kamadhenu, the divine cow discovered the hymns by which the gods are invoked. Manu was the sacrificer. Brihaspathi repeated the Sasthra Mantras which gladden. May the Visva Devas praised in the hymns and Mother Earth not cause me any suffering. Let me think sweet thoughts; let me perform sweet actions which bear sweet fruits; let me bear sweet offerings, let my speech and praise be sweet; let me utter words which sound sweet to the Gods; let me utter sweet words to men who would lend their ears. Let the Gods illumine me and render my speech sweet. Let the Prithis, the forefathers feel glad and approve of me. Let me be with Lord Shiva always. Let there be peace

Chamakam Namakam caiva purusa suktam tathaiva ca |
Nityam trayam prayunjano Brahmaloke mahiyate ||

He who ever recites Namakam and Chamakam along with Purusa suktam daily will be honoured in Brahmaloka.

Idaa devah uur manur yagya niir brihaspati rukthaamadaani shasishhad vishvedevaah
suukta vaachah prithi viimaatarmaa maa hisiirmadhu manishhye madhu janishhye

madhu vakshyaami madhu vadishhyaami madhumatiim devebhyo vaachamudyaasa
shushruu shhenyaam manushhyebhyastam maa devaa avantu shobhaayai pitaroanumadantu

The Divine Gods are implored through the mantras of Kamadhenu. Manu does the Sacrifices, Bruhaspati recites the pleasant mantras. Let these praises of Visva devas and mother earth save me from sufferance. Let my pleasant thoughts bring forth pleasant actions and the resultant enjoyable fruits. Let my Joyous offerings bear fine and worthy speech and my words pleaseth the divinity, make men lend their ears to gladden and Gods enlighten me and invoke my speech very powerful and my fore fathers feel excellently glad over it and bless me to perpetuate it.

Om shaantih shaantih shaantih.

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