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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Devi Saptasati

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Devi Saptasati is recommended reading during Navaratri and for Devi worship in general.
But for any of us hard pressed for time, at least recite the Devi Saptasloki -- which is an extract of seven important mantras of Devi saptasati .
The effect of reciting the Devi saptasati with devotion, gives the devotee visible signs of the working of DEVI's GRACE ".

Here they are.

The effect of reciting the Devi saptasati with devotion, gives you (devotee) visible signs of the working of MY GRACE ".

#1 Om Gyananinamapi chaytamsi devi bhagavati hi sa
baladakrushya mohaya mahamaya prayacchati

She, this Supreme Goddess, the Great Measurement of Consciousness, attracts the perceiving capacity of all sensible beings with such force as to thrust them into egoistic attachment.

#2 durge smruta harasi bhitima seshajantoh
svasthaih smruta matimativa subham dadasi
daridrya duhkha bhayaharini ka tvadanya
sarvopakara karanaya sadardrachitta

Oh, reliever of difficulties, remembering you the fearof all living beings is dispelled. When remembered by those individuals in the harmony of spiritual growth you increase their welfare and intelligence. Who is like you, Oh dispeller of Poverty, Pain and Fear, whose sympathetic demeanor always extends compassionate assistance to everyone? Giver of consciousness, we bow to you.

#3 sarva mangala mangalye sive sarvartha sadhike
sharanye tryambake devi narayani namostu te

To the Auspicious of all Auspiciousness, to the Accomplisher of all Objectives, to the source of Refuge, to the Goddess who is Rays of Light, Exposer of Consciousness, we bow to you.

#4 sharanagata dinarta paritrana parayane
sarvasyarti hare devi narayani namostu te

For those who are devoted to you and take refuge in you, even though helpless and perplexed, you save them from all discomfort and unhappiness. You take away all the worries, Oh Goddess, Giver of Consciousness, we bow to you.

#5 sarvasvarupe sarvese sarvasaktisamanvite
bhayebhyastrahi no devi durge devi namostu te

The Intrinsic nature of All, the Supreme of All, and the Energy of All as well; you remove all fear from us, Oh Goddess, Reliever of Afflictions, Oh Goddess, we bow to you.

#6 roganaseshanapahamsi tusta
rusta tu kaman sakalanabhistan
tvamasritanam na vipannaranam
tvamashrita hyashrayatam prayanti

When you are pleased you destroy all infirmities, and when you are displeased you frustrate all desires. No calamity or disease befalls those who take refuge in you, and those who take refuge in you invariably become a refuge to others.

#7 sarvabadha prashamanam trailokyasya akhilesvari
evameva tvaya karyam asmadvairi vinasanam

Oh Spirit of the Supreme Sovereign, terminate all disturbance in the three worlds and in like manner remove from us all hostility.

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