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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

8th night - Mata Chaamunda (October 8, 2008)

8th night. Mata Chaamunda - She killed the 2 demons, called Chanda and Munda and re-established order. Mata Maha-Gauri who also rid the world of evil forces.
sundarIM swarNasarwA~NgIM sukhasaubhAgyadAyinIm
santOShajananIM devIM subhadrAM praNamAmyaham!
oM mahAgauryai namaH
I worship to the Fine Goddess with a gold body, Subhadra (sister Shri of Krishna), giving rise satisfaction (i.e. To the goddess in image Santoshi Ìà), granting happiness and beauty!

from http://www.indiadivine.org/
Navarathri is celebrated all over India as the triumph of good over evil
--knowledge over ignorance -- truth over falsehood -- immortality over death.

All over India and Internationally Chandi Yagna is conducted on Maha ashtami
day to get the GRACE OF DEVI.

Suggestion for Puja Pat :

An array of paryana, puja is given and is only indicatory to chose a basket of a
mix of these depending on the availability of time and convenience.

For those having Sri Chakra a daily Abhishekam would be appropriate with
milk,curds,oil,ghee,panchmrut,coconut water,pure Sandal paste, lemon or any
fruit juice , perfumed turmeric powder ( Udwardhanam ) Chanting Sri Suktham--
Durga Suktham -- Rathri Suktham -- Rigvedic Devi Suktha and other Ambaal suktha.

This should be followed up mini Arti and Neivedya after Abhishekam. The next
part would be to do the Mahakali -- Mahalakshmi -- Mahasaraswathi -- Sahasranama
and topped up with Laitha Sahasranama -- Lalitha Ashtotram -- Katga Mala -- and
Sarva purthykara Trishati. This would be the morning puja. Those who can not
find time it is recommened to do at least Astotra of Durga --- Lakshmi and

In the late evening it is preferable to do the CHANDI ARADHANA by reciting the
Devi sapthasati as per established procedures prescribed by oue Maha Rishies
ands do the daily Maha Arti at midnight.

Those who can spend time in the noons they can recite Soundarya Lahari , Mooka
Panchasati, Abhirami Andathi, Annapurnashtakam and other devotional works of
Devi by Adi Shankara.

Upasakas as a routine .would recite Lalitha Stawarajam and Amnaya Stotram .
There are many other Sahasranamas On Dasha Maha Vidya from Kaali to Tara and
Dhumavathi apart from Sahasranama on Gayathri -- Bhavani etc.

one may alternatively chose the mix of the choices. It is important not to
ignore the Nitya Karma like Sandya Vandana and the daily Japa without which the
upasana may not be fruitful. For some may have Shraddha during the days and it
is important to do the Pitru Karma first before doing the puja.

Sri Vidya Navavarana puja can be done on all the days.

For the devotees familiar with Muthu Swamy Deekshadar's Krithi or Shyama
Sastrigal they may sing Navavarana Kirthana not ignoring Purandara Dasha
Kirthana or Thyagaraja Kirhtana or Swathy Thirunaal.

One may do intense Bhajans spending the navarathri Night.

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