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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I have been campaigning - I am back now


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This was an incredible moment to watch Obama win - we were at an election party with ~100 and the mood was electric.,
People were cheering shouting and rejoicing and clapping...lot of people were very emotional...thoughts went back to JFK getting elected.
This moment will be remembered for a 100 years.
America has turned direction once again - this time in the right direction , U turn from the wrong turn that Bush made for us pushing us back by 30 years.

I was fearful, if Obama had not won, there would have been massive destruction and rioting in the streets of America.

Obama is one incredible story...someone named Barrack Hussein Obama could win in this country...I still find it absolutely incredible.

This eleciton was about destinies, Obama losing a congressional election in 2000, was not even a senator in 2004, and the stars align for this incredible black person to win it all.

Sarah - the girl from Wassilia was thrust into a national limelight overnight and became the focus of media and water cooler talk, seems like it has opened up career opportunities for her - must say she is *very* easy on the eyes.

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