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Monday, December 08, 2008

Can you hear me now????

By Rajya Laxmi

All of Creation can be experienced metaphysically as music, SOUND or NAD BRAHAM in Sanskrit. The atoms of the chemical elements of the Periodic Table move at different vibratory rates to each other and therefore make different sounds. When these elements unite to make different chemical substances, harmonies and melodies are created. When these combine further to create even more complex and differentiated material, the music becomes ever richer, many rishis have called this music as primordial music or Hiranyagarbha where SRI DEVI is performing a SHIV TANDAV. Eventually all of these sounds combine to create a single great metaphysical sound or OM that rumbles and vibrates in a way that creates a stabilizing foundation for every process of the Earth and beyond.

It can be heard with the inner senses when one has a quiet mind or is in a meditative state. It is the most wonderful collection of sounds. Every inhale and exhale has a sound the SHE resides. Every planet and celestial body sounds its own notes and these combine in an extraordinary symphony of heavenly music. Hearing and experiencing it automatically expands one's consciousness. And this sound is absolutely wonderful. Nothing like it.

The astral realm exists immediately beyond the physical. It is a finer vibration than the physical and forces pour from it into the physical world, bringing life to matter. Energy is forever converting itself in to matter. An esthetic field exists between the astral and the physical. It contains areas of varying density and acts as a filter, allowing some types of astral energy to come through to the physical and restricting the flow of others as the Creation process requires. This is where the Law of Karma comes into picture. Other planes of existence extend beyond the astral plane, with each being of a finer vibration than the one before.

Nature and divine Spirits are metaphysical beings who inhabit and work with the energies of these non-physical worlds, bringing them to the physical in the ongoing work of Creation and Evolution. They are involved in every aspect of life and in every natural process. Every part of the world is alive and nature spirits are to be found everywhere: in the depths of the oceans, within the Earth and in the highest reaches of the atmosphere. The surface of the earth abounds with an almost incomprehensible variety of different beings, each type having its own special functions to perform. And as they walk they produce sound, when you become atune to this sound, it is like an orchestra with millions of artist performing at the same time to reach to a climax or SUM in Indian music.

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