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Saturday, December 06, 2008

How to make Bhasma?

Use pure cowdung and heated for days until it turns into white ash. On the day of Shivaratri (for that month) collect it and make it soft and chant shivjee mantras.

There are specific places that follow the right process for treatment and produce the right bhasma

The bhasma or vibhooti is the sacred ash from the dhuni or fire of a yogi or avadoota. It is believed that bhasma destroys all the sins and that it links us to the divine. It is called ‘Bhasma’ because it has the power to dissolve all the evils. Similarly, the the great heat of tapasya and the churning of the mind in meditation reveals the underlying subtle spirit of the atman.

Bhasma or Udi is also called “vibhooti”, because it gives spiritual power. The Sanskrit word, vibhooti means ‘glory’ , as it gives glory to one who applies it, protection from ill health and negative forces, and attracts the higher forces of nature. Another meaning of vibhooti is ‘healing power’, and it is widely used as a medicinal treatment in both ayurveda and Chinese and Tibetan medicine.

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