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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Prayer - Get a wish come true!

Start your prayers and keep them simple.
Just think of all the good things you have had in your life and thank your God with the bottom of your heart until the tears well...
Get immersed in that gratitude and attain oneness with that mind of thankfulness.
And when you have spent time thinking about it...ask God for just one thing...
and repeatedly ask that one thing everytime...
Let me know how things go.

Bhakti...the deep bhakti of even a second...is worth a million lives of ritualistic pooja (I think) with the mind resting upon the gold sitting in the safe.

Think of the moment...what have we lost or gained in this moment..
All we have is this moment, lets live in it.
The other moments will take of itself.
Trust in God and Thank Him again.


A person once told Dr. Johnson, the famous English thinker, that he could seldom get time to recite the Name of God, what with the hundreds of things he had to do from morning till nightfall and even far into the night. Dr. Johnson replied with another question... He asked how millions of people found space to live upon the face of the earth, which is two-thirds water and the rest is too full of mountains, deserts, forests, icy regions, river beds, marshes and similar impossible areas. The questioner said that man somehow struggled to find living space. So too, said Dr. Johnson, man must somehow find a few minutes a day for prayer to the Lord.

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