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Friday, February 27, 2009


Quoting pandit arjun

mainly due to the mis and false projection of aghoris in the movies
and in some books, laymen start to think that aghoris are bad and are
a secluded sect who live only in burial grounds and live only by
eating the flesh from the burning pyre.

have wandered extensively in the himalayas and knowing the various
nagas and aghoris in uttar pradesh and uttaranchal, let me say that
aghoris are a form of lord shiva who can even grant salvation or
liberation (mukti) to a person. these are no ordinary people and are
highly powerful and have done strictest meditation for longer periods
before starting to bless those who approach them. originally, when
an aghori wanted to bless the soul that is going on and on in several
wombs taking various births and deaths, the aghora becomes himself as
kalabhairava or lord shiva himself and gives his blessings to the
body on the burning pyre and takes little flesh from that burning
pyre as an offering made to the god (prasad or bhog) and grants
liberation. this is no secret and many people who knew aghoris in
north india are aware of this. some amateurs and others without
knowledge started venturing into eating the flesh as a mark of aghora
eating style which is wrong. branding aghoras as such bad people is

gita suggests how learnt or those who wish to realise the self shall
have equal respect to a brahmin, a cow or a person who eats dog

let me also inform for the benefit of all that if any native
approaches an aghora with a wish or a desire even if it is material,
a mere positive blessing word from him will get the native what he
wants. truly aghoris are powerful enough to grant any and everything
including mukti which only gods can grant. members may be aware that
even sages are not powerful enough to grant or boon mukti to the
natives and only gods can grant mukti.

with best wishes and blessings
pandit arjun

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