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Monday, February 23, 2009

Jai Ho and PINKI blessed by lord Shiva : Sukhwinder

Well-known singer Sukhwinder, who has sung Jai ho from the film Slumdog, feels that Jai ho's popularity and victory is blessed by lord Shiva because it's not a song but a prayer to the almighty.

Today when the whole country is celebrating Slumdog's historic Oscar win, Sukhwinder is busy with his Mahashivratri pooja. He feels that it s time to remember the almighty who has bestowed good luck to him.

Speaking exclusively to NDTVMusic.com he says,"Today is Mahashivratri and it s lord Shiva who blessed me and the whole team of A R Rahman to get this international honour. Jai ho is not just a song. It connects me spiritually to the Almighty. It has spiritual connection. I was confident that the song will win Oscar because you know the Oscar award ceremony has taken place on this spiritual day of Mahashivratri. "

Recalling one of his previous songs Chhaiya Chhaiya from the film Dil Se, he says "Chhaiyan Chhaiyan got international acclaim because it was blessed by Baba Bulleshah. I have a lot of faith in him. And now it's Jai Ho, which has Shiva's blessings."

Asked if he is disappointed for not being present at the Oscar Award ceremony, he says, "No, I am not disappointed because Jai Ho has achieved what we expected and the international glory has come to the country. I don't regret it in terms of my personal loss for not performing at the Oscars but yes I feel that had I performed there, it would have a matter of pride for our own countrymen. Indian music has already a had magical effect at the Oscars."

Everything Lord Shiva's blessing: Pinki's mother

Rampur Dabahi (PTI): It's all due to the blessings of Lord Shiva that a documentary on her daughter has got an Oscar, the elated mother of eight-year-old protagonist of "Smile Pinki", which won the honour at Los Angeles, said here on Monday.

"The entire village was performing 'hawan' to please Lord Shiva for the success of my daughter and this morning on Mahashivaratri, we got the good news of winning the award from the USA," Pinki's mother Simala Devi said in Hindi.

"It is all the blessings of Lord Shiva," she added.

"We are very happy in USA, we have got this opportunity because of our little daughter," Rajender Sonkar, Pinki's father, told PTI from Las Angeles.

I am happy with the honour my daughter has brought us. Now she is not a social outcast, Sonkar said, adding everything else, including a ticket to Hollywood, was beyond our expectations.

"USA is far away from Varanasi. But it hardly makes any difference, I will certainly welcome Pinki with my parents when she gets back," Pinki's sister Rani said in Bhojpuri.

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