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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Live Just One Moment - Make that good

"Better than a hundred years of mischief
Is one day spent in contemplation."

"Better than a hundred years of ignorance
Is one day spent in reflection."

"Better than a hundred years of idleness
Is one day spent in determination."

"Better to live one day
How all things arise and pass away."

"Better to live one hour
The one life beyond the way."

"Better to live one moment
In the moment
Of the way beyond the way."


When the stars align to screw you, make sure you don't leap at the sun.
- Anonymous

Do something good – something of value for everyone else – make it worthwhile

Revel in the sacredness of the inner awareness of the self

The thoughts dwell in the Shivness – every second
forget the scaredness, forget the desires

To do something good

Just one thing

To be good

To love



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