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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Arunachala - Ramana Maharishi's views on Arunachala as the perpetual guru

|| Om Param Tatvaay Naaraayannaay Gurubhyo Namah ||

om gurave namah

Om Arunachaleshwaraya Namah

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya

'This is Arunachala-Siva, the ocean of grace that bestows liberation when thought of''.

'O Arunachala, you root out the ego of those who think of you in the heart as ''Arunachala'''.

Arresting the activities of the soul who thinks of it even once,
drawing it to face itself, the One, making it thus motionless like itself,

'O Arunachala, the moment I thought of Arunai [the holy town of Arunachala] I was caught in the trap of your grace. Can the net of your grace ever fail?'

Because we identify the body as 'I', Lord Siva, the Supreme Reality, out of his immense compassion for us, identifies this hill as 'I i.e HIM
so that we may see him, think of him and thereby receive his grace and guidance.

'Only to reveal your [transcendent] state without speech [i.e. through silence], you stand as a hill shining from earth to sky,

The whole hill is sacred. It is Siva himself. Just as we identify ourselves with a body, so Siva has chosen to identify himself with his hill. Arunachala is pure wisdom (jnana) in the form of a hill. It is out of compassion to those who seek him that he has chosen to reveal himself in the form of a hill visible to the eye. The seeker will obtain guidance and solace by staying near this hill.

How many are there like me who have been destroyed by thinking this hill to be the Supreme.

Arunachala shines as the form of his Guru; function of the real Guru is to destroy all our defects, including the root-defect, the ego, to bestow all good qualities upon us and to rule over us. To give verbal instructions it is necessary for the Guru to be in human form, but to give satsang and subtle inner guidance he may be in any form. Therefore, for the devotees of Sri Bhagavan there will never be any need to search for another outer Guru, because all the necessary help and guidance is ever available for us in the form of the teachings of Sri Bhagavan and the satsang of Arunachala. Sri Bhagavan used to say about the power of pradakshina, there is no doubt that he considered it to be an act having great spiritual efficacy. In fact he used to say that the benefits which can be gained by meditation and various other forms of mind-control only after great struggle and effort, will be effortlessly gained by those who go round the hill. 'This hill is the storehouse of all spiritual power. Going round It benefits you in all ways'

he has declared that mere thought of this name will bestow liberation. From this we can infer that Arunachala is the jnana-panchakshari, the five-syllable mantra that bestows jnana. 'One ''Arunachala'' is equal power to one crore ''Om Nama Sivaya'''.

Arunachala is truly the holy place. Of all holy places it is the most sacred! Know that it is the heart of the world. It is truly Siva himself! It is his heart-abode, a secret kshetra. In that place the Lord ever abides the hill of light named Arunachala. (Why Secret??? Arunachala is a secret kshetra. Because it is this place that bestows jnana and because most people have so many other desires and do not truly want jnana, Arunachala has always remained comparatively little known. But to those few who seek jnana, Arunachala always makes itself known through some means or other. Why Sacred??? Arunachala shines as the foremost and most powerful kshetra, because here Sakti, who has seemingly created all this manifold appearance, herself merges into the Lord. So for those mature aspirants who seek to put an end to the false appearance of duality, the most powerful help is to be found only in Arunachala-kshetra.' )

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