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Sunday, March 15, 2009


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One of my relatives is suffering with the problem of ghost haunting for past 20 years. It was sent to him by somebody and since then there is no cure that we could find. The chap riding on him is a Muslim fellow named Nasiruddin Siddakki. He would perform Namaz whenever the guy is on him. He would not remember anything about it afterwards. My relative is a true honest, clear hearted and out of the world fellow, who can not even dream of harming someone. He has no big ambition and ready to sacrifice everything for the family. Therefore we can not even dream that he is doing some acting. When ghost is not on him, he is perfectly innocent and normal man. At present he is staying with me for past 6-7 months. His fellow ghost is also with him.

Eversince he has come to stay with us, we are witnessing a lot of things we never dreamt off. The ghost did not wish to stay here. We just brought him here for treatment with some so called god-men. But one fine day he could see our own deities. He was talking to them. They were telling him to do no harm to us and threatening him of dire consequences. There were Lord Shiva, Baba Hanuman, Ma Durga, Sai Baba. He was talking to them in front of our eyes. And this we have witnessed not only once, but many a times. Everytimes the Ghost has tried to frighten us, they are all there. COULD YOU BELIEVE THIS?

What I want to emphasize is that GOD EXISTS, IN ALL FORMS THAT YOU SEE THEM. They help you whenever you are in need. They help even without calling for it.

Also Ganga is our holy river. The GANGAJAL has divine powers. At times when GODS are not available or not helping due to some reason and the Ghost has entered his body, we use holy water of Gangajal and ghost is set on fire. He will start begging and cry of burning. These things have helped us through rough times.

Though we could not find someone who could really get us out of this mess for last 20 years, the so called God-men are all crooks; they will make you spend money. We have visited many of them.

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