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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The study of cosmic phenomenon

The study of cosmic phenomenon


D.V.R. Murthy

Very often non-believers criticise occult­ism as a pseudo-science. In fact, Occult­ism, if properly understood, is a science handed down by ancient seers to guide ourselves for happy living. Occultism is the exploration of the unknown with the aid of the known principles of science. Varahamihira, the famous Indian astrolo­ger in his magnum opus Brihatjataka, explained the use of the occult sciences as follows: with the lighting of a lamp in a dark room, one can dispel the sheaths of darkness and set one's house in order. Similarly, a wise man with the help of the occult science can steer through the ocean of life by charting the course of incidents. Then, what is Occultism? Djwal Khul, the Himalayan Master, explained the concept of occultism to his disciple in a letter dated August 27, 1920. The Master said that the true study of occultism is the study of the why and how of phenomena. It is the find­ing out of the method whereby results are achieved and it involves close analysis of events and circumstances in order to dis­cover their governing laws.

Although one comes across many inci­dents in day to day life, one does not view them as the result of some cosmic phe­nomenon. To cite an example, the blos­soming of a flower. One is aware of the act of plucking a flower from a plant, but one does not think of the process of the blossoming of a flower from the stage of a bud to a full-blown flower. Similarly, the rising and the setting of the sun and the waxing and the waning of the moon are also considered cosmic phenomena. Occultism studies these incidents to ex­plain the relationship between the cosmic phenomena and the flora and fauna on this globe. Occultism, therefore, includes the science of meditation, astrology, palmistry and other allied sciences. With the help of these sciences, an occultist makes an attempt to correlate two or more happenings. Especially, the purpose of as­trology is to explain the influence of plan­ets on human beings and to apply the same for the spiritual progress of

The ancient seers of India by virtue of their spiritual power meditated upon Na­ture to understand it. They observed that the sun and the moon had a periodic ro­tation which would influence the flora and fauna on this globe. They concluded that the sun gives vitality to the beings of this earth while the moon activates that vitality. Esoterically they explained that the sun is the soul and the moon is the mind. Further they observed the solar sys­tem to study the influence of the other planets.

Many Rishis in India contributed their knowledge for the growth of the occult sciences. Prominent among them, Parasara; Garga, Jaimini, Kalidasa, and Varahamihira wrote many astrological compendiums recording their observa­tions for the benefit of posterity. Although it may take several years for one to study astrology, one can make a sincere attempt to learn the science. In fact, astrology is like an ocean and one cannot delve too deep into it. As Varahamihira said, one does not need a river size boat to 'cross a river. A small wooden plank moulded into a boat is enough. Likewise, one can make a study of the occult sciences to cross the river of life.

Some Western scholars claimed that the occult sciences originated in the West be­ fore they were studied in India . Disput­ing the claim; the world famous palmist, Cheiro noted in his Language of the Hand: "Long before Rome or Greek or Israel was even heard of, the monuments of India point back to an age of learning beyond, still beyond. From the astronomi­cal calculations that the figures in their temples represent, it has been estimated that the Hindus understood the precession of equinoxes centuries before the Chris­tian era. In some of the ancient cave tem­ples, the mystic of Sphinx silently tell that such knowledge had been possessed and used in advance of all those nations af­terwards so celebrated for their learning. It has been demonstrated that to make a change from one sign to another in the zodiacal course, the sun must have oc­cupied at the least 2,140 years, and how many centuries elapsed before such changes came to be observed and
noticed it is impossible even to estimate".

However, many modern men have doubts about the efficacy of the occult. The Dalai Lama in one context dismissed their doubts as baseless and cited a very instruc­tive example. He said that if a metal de­tector cannot detect an object in one's pocket, it does not mean that the pocket is empty. The fault lies with the detector as it is not equipped to detect the object.

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