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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Full Moon @ Lord Shiva's Fire Mountain

This blog is a tad long, but makes wonderful reading.
This gal has a wonderful attitude as she goes globe trotting...wish we could adopt it
Here is the link - below the excerpts.

Why did i come here? Well, i am kind of a pilgrim and Shiva is my favourite deity. Another of the reasons is that when i was in the Amazon jungle, i had a medicine ceremony with an Australian musician named Jarrah Tree who was an apprentice to an Ayahuasca shaman. Jarrah is also a visionary painter who had painted Mt Arunachala with a beautiful Earth goddess rising from the top of it, i have a copy of the painting and have always wanted to visit. Also, Shiva has appeared to me as a teacher in my own visions. Flanked by this mountain which is really a boulder-strewn hill, Tiruvannamalai is an important Shaivite (devotee of Lord Shiva) town where Shiva is revered as Arunachaleswar, an aspect of fire. Each full moon thousands of pilgrims circumnavigate the base of the mountain by walking the 14km around it and i was to be joining them in the mission.

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