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Monday, July 06, 2009

Miracles of Lord Shiva

Email from Sanjay - Thanks Sanjay for sharing

I did yatra of Char-dham from 28.04.09 to 10.06.09. I went all alone on my pulsar bike and over 50 places. All 5 Kedars, 5 Badris, 5 Prayags and almost all Kali places. At one of these place called as "Vridh MadyaMaheshwar" which is next to 2nd Kedar, i had darshan of "SHIVA".
In the photo enclosed, of "Budha MadyaMaheshwar" there is a linga made of the same stone as seen in the surroundings. When i went there even i saw the linga made up of brown-grey color stone. we were just 4 people there at that time.
I put up 2 agarbatti and than sat at a distance and started chanting Shivan & Maa Shakambari japam. After 2 minutes what i saw was enough to send anyone into coma. I saw the stone disappearing and a beam of blue light appear at the same place in the same form of the linga.
And than Shiva appeared in that beam of blue light smiling and seeing me. It is impossible to say my feeling at that very moment. i was without any thought for moments. Than thinking of my hallucination i asked other what they see. All said stone linga. But i was seeing blue colour beam of light and shiva in it.
Think how was i feeling at that moment. It was there still than i thought of taking a photo of it and asked one of the tourist to take a snap of mine along with this lingam and back ground. Even after the snap the tourist was seeing stone linga. After a reasonably long period of time when all were going back, even i did namaskara closed my eyes prayed to have the photo captured in camera and open the eyes. Now again i saw only stone lingam.
Isn't it strange ?


  1. Great to see your experience in visiting all the divine places in Himalayas.

    I am interested in visiting the Panch Kedar in the Himalayas. Looking for information for visiting the panch kedar. Is there any trip organized by any ashrams or mutts. If you have any information please send me.

  2. The article mentions of a photo enclosed,but I was not able to find any picture anywere . Can u please upload the picture of Vridh MadyaMaheshwar ji.

    Thank you,

  3. I was not able to find the picture.can you please e-mail it to me vijaysena123@gmail.com


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