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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Shrawan - A month of austerity- Starts July 8th

Here is the explanation on why

Auspicious Shrawan month begins
8 Jul 2009, 0532 hrs IST, TNN
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LUCKNOW: The holy month of Shrawan -- fifth month in Hindu calender -- will begin on Wednesday. The first Monday of Shrawan, will fall on July
13 and hundreds of devotees are expected to throng Shiva temples in the city to offer `belpatra' leaves, milk and water to Shiva.

Notably, Mondays during Shrawan are considered auspicious but each day in the week has a special significance. The reason: the month of Shrawan is governed by the star `Shravan', hence the month is called Shrawan. The month is marked by innumerable festivals and ceremonies.

The story behind Shrawan month says that during the churning of oceans - Samudra Manthan - 14 types of jewels came out. Thirteen of these were distributed amongst Gods and demons. The last jewel was a poison called `halahal' Lord Shiva consumed the `halahal' and stored it in his throat, said Sita Ram Shukla, a priest in a city based temple.

All the Gods, thereafter started offering the Ganges water to Lord Shiva to make lessen the effect of poison. Since, this happened in the month of Shrawan, it has become a tradition to offer water to the deity in this month.

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