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Sunday, July 05, 2009

The various states

I was traveling on business last week - and you are ensconced in that never-never land wherein the flight takes off and you either read a book or shut up completely and dwell on the unknown - bereft of all the electronics that life seemingly offers these days.

I do both - reading the RIBHU GITA has become a norm.
It is an out and out Shiva's Gita - so do check it out..

And in that state, isolated completely I wonder about all the states. I look at people and know that they are all thinking something - something is churning in their minds - worries, desires and so many gazillion thoughts flirting in and out

And I think of another state - sleep - no thoughts but dreams

and I think of another state - death - wherein the mind evaporates and is replaced by something else -

and I think of the meditative state - where some thoughts continue to come, but less - watching our thoughts perhaps (doesn't work for me since I tend to cling onto my thoughts and get dragged through the clouds at 100 mph with no respite - flirting from one cloud to the next. Some thoughts, come from the inner Godliness that we all possess - attached via the invisible umbilical chord to a GOD)
and then finally the state of the gyani - where I am one with the universe - the ultimate reality
I am like the rock - just being
Is that the state like the dead? When I don';t have a mind - I am perhaps dead.

So many states that we go through - the final destination being one - but we usually end up in the other - death and then probably awareness kicks in - Darn - I should have used that window of opportunity that arose. Not to worry, I shall do so next life...and thus the vicious cycle continues.

As long as the mind is distracted with the 'real' problems of the 'real' world - there is no rahat.

We are all trapped - the price we pay for the ether we breathe.

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