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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The miraculous way for to worship Shiva

Amogh Sadaa Shiv Kavach Explained - Miraculous Stotra of Lord Shiva

This is the stotra that provides us the halo of protection of Lord Shiva. Whatever be your problems, whether of the horoscope, or spirits or tantra or black magic, this kavach always works. It works period! The beauty is that you don’t need anything else (like a yantra) to recite it. All you need is complete devotion for Lord Shiva. Chant it once daily or as many times as you can. It is regarded as SWAYAM SIDDHA – that is, the benefits kick-in right after the first recitation. There is no minimum (or maximum) for this stotra. It is regarded as sahastrakshar amogh kavach.

Digging a bit deeper - The benefits may be very subtle, but miracles do happen. It is for our minds to embrace the fact that a miracle did happen. Sometimes it takes months and even years to conclude that the grace of SHiva was upon us. A sincere devotee is not going to be cast away into the wind that much I can assure you of our Lord Shiva. A single drop of tear is enough to melt Shivjee's heart and the earth will move to accomodate us. It is not the Krishna's miracle of Yamuna parting ways that we will witness, but the miracles are around us, it is for us to notice, relish, and revive the spirituality that is dormant in all of us. Very few of us are really capable of dissecting these mantras and understanding the core of it's concepts and teachings. Some enlightened gurus automagically garner such capabilities. Some normal people automagically get enlightened e.g Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor ""My Stroke of Insight". I don't even try, all I have is my bhakti, and raising that to the next level is enough. This needs inspiration and inspiration comes from all sides, electronic artifacts, paper trails - call it what you may, but that itself is a miracle, there are a trillion html pages floating around in the WWW, what are the chances of this particular one flooding my senses. I was completely bowled over by the magical capabilities of this mantra as described, I read it verbatim, not capable of interpreting or misinterpreting as my intellect does not allow it (yet) but if I can read it with immense love and devotion for Shivjee - that itself is energizing for me and my spiritual path. This mantra is magic of Mahadev and I am already feeling it!


  1. It is rather interesting for me to read this article. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more soon.

  2. From Harry Yes, the method taught by him is not anything new but a set of techniques of Pranayama and yoga exercises. He has managed to put together a set of complimenting yoga and pranayama techniques for the masses. The cost of the cycle of classes seems a bit high, (it is nothing new) specially when he wants a mass promotion and following. Another person who promoted Kundalini yoga - Vedathri Maharishi was very simple in comparison. You have done a good research on Sri. I feel as long as the person does more good than harm, it does not matter at all. He promotes the way of Pranayama & Yoga for good health and god realization. The paths may vary, the result is the same.

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  4. Hi,I'm in a lot of pain because of a degenerated disc.Do you know of any mantra that will help me get better.God has put a premium on my sitting!!.I stand all the time because of pain.What is your advice spiritually??I am sorry if this request sounds weird.I know you are not a doctor.


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