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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bhakti and Sex???

You just seem to have guilt over sex.
Sex is the most natural thing - but society has made it a taboo.
Enjoy sex and then immerse yourself in bhakti
Think of Goddess Parvati and respect women, that is always very helpful
Spend some time meditating every day - that will help you also
And make sure you love - give everyone lots of love
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Sent: Mon 10/26/09 5:48 AM
To: shivabhakta
Dear Sir,
My Name is Sunil I tried my best to worship Lord Shiva but my mind and heart never allow me my heart and mind always move towards wrong things
when I saw any beautifull woman my heart wishes to have her for night when she left after that I feel shame on me that what I am doing.
But I always remember Lord Shiva when I reach any temple or shrine I down my head towards the shrine or temple to pay my namaskar
but only sex is the wall who is taking me away from my Lord Shiva.
please help me how can I leave these worldly things and reach to my Lord Shiva.

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  1. good post ... why we say to avoid sex as we can't concentrate on two thing on same time ,as we need full concentration to attain god we should not turn our full concentration on sex this is the point behind to say avoid sex .....
    its not a problem to have sex many rishis have wife , son etc sex is part of life but sex allowne is not the life so we should realise the truth .


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