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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Kundalini Jagran

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Eight years ago I understood clearly that I am not a merely worldly human being but an undying, unending Athma (Divine spirit) in me. One day at about midnight ,at 12 O'clock in my house where I used to meditate, I saw with my naked eyes ,just in front of picture of Sree Durgadevi ,the Lord Chandra Deva (The Moon) in a small round form as it was carried by some lively insect which symbolises the ornament of Lord Siva. I had my worldly vision of the Lord Surya Deva as very small particles in bright blue colour (Indraneela) or Indigo. The Chandradeva disappeared from my view and after sometime on the opposite side came numerous very small illuminations of Lord Surya Deva.
The most wonderful vision I had was after three weeks. One mid night at about 12 O'clock I went to a room by intuition. When I opened the door I saw a large flying insect sitting inside of the door as if it was waiting for me. It began flying inside the room spreading golden light. The insect too seemed to be in golden colour. I felt a kind of Divine inspiration as if I am blessed by the Lord. With folded hands I worshiped the Lord. Then it began to fly around my head three times and flew to right side of the room. I looked at eagerly. It sat on the window curtain and crept away. I felt a mental agitation and an eagerness to know what it was?...
I approached my Guru and he explained to me everything. It was really the Divine Spirit (Jaghat prana) or Lord Siva in the form of a Golden insect emitting brightness. I knew that it was the awakening of KUNDALINI in me.
The Lords Sun and Moon seemed circling in front of me in bright green colour when I closed my eyes. At the centre there was the Lingaroopa of Lord Siva around which the Moon moved in the circle. I could see the Lord Sun and Moon as Siva Linga. Around my neck I found Navagraha in the form of a Necklace in the midst of bright stars. In darkness at night a kind of bright light emitted from my head as if fumes. In dim light with naked eyes I saw the same. The bright light extended to the sky (to eternity)as it can be seen in the Holy book of Rajayoga. The bright golden light emitted from my forehead or Third eye turned in to the different shapes and colours. Eight times the bright Reddish Golden light bloomed out from my forehead as Divine Lotus. Then onwards I began to hear the Cosmic sound "OMKARA" and continues to hear until now. I started seeing Lotus with thousand petals in the sky with naked eyes and even after they are closed. I know it actually goes from my fore head (Third Eye).Now I permanently see Prana (The life force) through my third eye and I hear the great sound "OM". As I am Permanently ILLUMINED WITH HIS DIVINE LIGHT. THIS IS REALLY THE “GOD VISION”


  1. Through this I came to know that you are advancing in the field of adhyatma (Knowing the self) now you need a true GURU who can take you to the mother goddess who actually created the entire universe.To know the true GURU follow this link http://www.kalkiavatar2010.com/

  2. i also want to meditate ... can suggest me different ways and for how much time one should meditate to awake kundali


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