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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Questions from a seeker

Very good questions and difficult to answer too...
Here is my perspective

The wheels of time are churning and what we deserve will be ours.
Earnestness though can be very persuasive.
THe time of death is certainly critical, if we are a true devotee all our life, the time of death will lead us to be naturally drawn to HIM.
But, pretty good chance the attachments and desires too might overwhelm the senses.
Hard to know what goes on at the time we depart this world.
Moksha is only a single thought away - we give up the ego, give up the I, and we achieve Moksha
In essence, we are only a single breathe away from Moksha
Earnestness is a huge plus
Regarding Karma - yes, definitely the arrows that karma throws at us, their efficacy can be reduced.
THat is why our scriptures are so revered, there is always a solution to a misery.
Either the pain can be diminished, or in some cases, the strength to bear the pain is provided.

> Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 01:48:54 -0800
> To: shivabhakta
> If I want muksh in this life, can I get it? And if so, how? Plus, at
> the time of death if one remembers Him then will he be able to go to
> the Highest Bliss? Just a few questions that need answers, I am glad
> to see that such a sincere devotee is helping others. Oh! Just one
> more thing... Karma, can this be depleted by prayer and penance??? I
> do not know whether or not u know this l, and I hope u do, if u wish
> to answer then my eyes are open to your answers and my soul is
> prepared to be free.

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