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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Restrictions on Neivedam? by Ramesh K

Lord Shiva is the most easily pleased. He accepts everything from His
devotees. Only thing required from the offering is love and devotion. These
are some of the neivedhyams He accepted..!!

1. The foot mark of Kannappa when he placed it on the Shiv Linga.
2. The water he took on his mouth as abhisheka
3. The meat he bought, after carefully selecting them by tasting it himself.
4. The pooja done by the Snake, Spider and Elephant in SriKalaHasti
5. Stones, offered by a Nayanar when he did not find flowers to offer.

So there is only one requirement to Lord Shiva pooja. It is love and
devotion. He is such a benevolent and merciful lord. After all, we do these
poojas to purify ourselves, isn't it?

Fruits can be offered. Cooked rice or anything offered with love is
sufficient enough.

There is an interesting story in the Mahabharata. Arjuna visits the Shiva
Loka where he finds the Bootha Ganas carrying heavy loads of flowers in a
big line. He thought to himself 'great is this bhakti of the one, who offered so much
of flowers to the lord, I wonder who is he?'

He asked one of the Ganas and he was astounded by their reply. It was his
dear brother Bheemasena, they replied.

He wondered 'Bheema?!! The one who eats all the time and shouts 'war, war,
war'...I have never seen him doing any sort of such pooja?!!

The Ganas replied 'He offers these flowers to the Lord through his mind
itself, in the middle of all his activities and thats why you see so much of
flowers piled up. Please forgive us, we don't have time to talk to you as
there are many more piles that needs to be taken..!

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