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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A wish to see Lord Shiva

Om Namah Shivay
That is all you need to say....say it everyday. Every second of your day.
Close your eyes and imagine that Lord Shiva is next to you and you are hugging him
It will happen for sure

Iam a man of 24 years of age. My full name is Nibin. I have a wish. I want Lord Shiva to appear before me. When He appears before me, I like Him to give me a hug and I also like Him to adopt me as His own son. Would you please tell me that what should I do to attain this?
Yours faithfully,


  1. good post you have under stood the power of om Namah shivay manthra it is called panchatchara madram .....
    then MR Nibin good thought good luck to u ........ let me say my view or idea to u first daily do bramamugutha pooja (between 4 am to 6 am) and prathosha pooja (4 pm to 6 pm) , then do special pooj on special days especialy on monday , prathosham and thiruvathari nakshatram day.do speek bad all way spell his name has auther mentioned above in ur lesure period ..... be kind with every one even with who feel u as their enemey , daily go to shiva temple , mainly umderstand love is shiva shiva is love ................all this make ur dream truth full........ any doubt contact ...9940404620.......www.lordshivas.com

  2. OM NAMA SHIVAYA!You will attain HIS grace through the grace of his consort parvati. As you pray to Shiva pray to shakti as well fervently.

  3. nothing matters.........than your own emotions belonging towards lord shiva..........
    just attach emotionally to lord.........

  4. OM Nama Shivay basically means OM is doing namah to lord Shiva i.e. The energy itself pray to lord Shiva. What else more to say.

    If you say every second of life "Om Namah Shivay" then there is no doubt what will happen. But always say in heart and never loudly and never by murmuring your lips.

    There is only one God and there is no doubt that it is lord Shiva.

    As the last prophet of the world says clearly "Worship this black stone(Which is in Mecca)".
    The same crescent moon which is shown with lord Shiva is adopted by Muslims.

    Quran and Shiv Puran . There is a difference of only one letter. What more to say.

    The soul of a human body is in his ling because he & she creates another soul by uniting their lings together.

    So think good about lings of both male and female. The better you are from your ling the more better chance is there to achieve Shiva.

    What Muslim says " God - The Merciful' and what Hindu says ' Shivji is dayaloo or bholay hai"

    If you really gets in to him , I give my words he will come for you anytime you need him desperately. It is my own practical experience.

    Lord Shiv is present in every particle of this universe. But he reside where , where there is no Sun , no Moon , no air. i.e.. deep in to the oceans. (Could be Mariana Trench where no human can reach ever in his life , today or tomorrow)

    Rahul - The son of Shiva

  5. Everyone says offerings to Shiva will get u d grace from him but he expects only love from human he never cheats anyone Shiva z belief n belief z Shiva hara hara mahadeva om namah shivaya.............I love ma shiva

  6. If you want to see Shiva you have to get rid of everything or you can say that automatically everything will get out of your way.I mean to say that you might have to sacrifice your near and dear ones to see Shiva.More you take the name of OM NAMAH SHIVAYA ! you will realize that you are getting closer to Shiva but your near and dearer ones are getting away from you.You can try it and see.So are you prepared to lose your family and near and dearer one for Shiva!? Think over it !!!

  7. Inorder to meet Shiva We have Only one option that is Our Atma joining into parmatma(lord shiva) by doing good things.Means "punyam".The ******Vedas****** written by lord shiva how to get it.Lord shiva gives a life to us to join our atma into his soul.
    Knowledge is divine (The important source of Knowledge is VEDAS for humankind (Spiritual Subjects)

  8. Inorder to meet Shiva We have Only one option that is Our Atma joining into parmatma(lord shiva) by doing good things.Means "punyam".The ******Vedas****** written by lord shiva how to get it.Lord shiva gives a life to us to join our atma into his soul.
    Knowledge is divine (The important source of Knowledge is VEDAS for humankind (Spiritual Subjects)

  9. *******Study Vedas to meet the GODS**********
    God Aim:-
    Atma join in to Parmatma. So he gives life
    VEDAS(Great Knowledge) written by Shiva
    Spiritual Subjects

    My Ideaaaa only******

  10. Study God.... very well.....

  11. Meditation, focus at forehead (in between eyebrows) by reciting "Om Hreem Namah Shivaya" in your mind

  12. I am enable to understand the way of praying shiv because some people say that if you have to reach shiva then you have to worship parvati if this is true we should prefer saying shiv shakti panchakshri mantra that is om hrim namah shivaya instead of om namah shivaya please help me on this i am enable to worship lord shiva for long time I tried a lot but every time i fail so please help me i love shiva very much but im not able to reach him so I really need help

  13. After 7yrs of this question, you'll find an answer now. Shiva doesn't need your pooja, your mantra Jap. The fact is that we do pooja, mantra Jap to keep ourselves at peace for a while and be away from thoughts. These will not make the lord happy instead they keep you away from worldy thoughts. He will come to you any form when you need him the most. This need is not what you think, it's the need when he feels for you. So good for people, be a good person, help as much as you can not at the cost of your life or happiness but at cost of your ability to do so. Worship your parents and respect everyone. Do not expect anything in return and then you'll see how he'll come to you with happiness and hug you. As for adopting you as a son, that's too much of an expectation. It's like telling I like my friends father and I want him to adopt me. This way you are disregarding your own parents.


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