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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Empty hands

So what do our empty hands bring into the world?

What do we really bring into this world?
We come in with certain genetics - that dictate - how healthy we are, how athletic we are, how our brain functions, how our memory functions etc etc. No matter what circumstances we are born into, we can get over it with the strength of our genetics
These are qualities gifted upon us - I presume - based on SLAs that we met in our previous life.

We go hay wire almost immediately after...
We spend the next 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 years in collecting material possessions.
We literally beg God to give us ...more and more
We are never satisfied
Take the most gifted athlete, gifted actor, engineer, doctor - they are never satisfied
We want to amass more and more.
There is always unhappiness over something.
We beg to be given meaningless things - that in the big scheme hardly matter.

Our thoughts are spent every minute trying to make this life comfortable - at the risk of squashing our fellow humans - in the race to succeed....our minds racing at break neck speed living in the past and the future - rarely taking the time to dwell in the present. Our minds get so accustomed to living in NOT the moment. At times when our mind is disconnected and we start getting uncomfortable, we prefer to be peering into the blackberries and iphones.

So aren't we missing the purpose?
We have picked up a penny on the road and ignored the $100 bill that is sitting in front of us.
We beg God to give us a promotion - but GOD is the ALL GIVING TREE - ask with the proper heart and it will be given. Why don't we all rise up above our petty issues and ask what is rightfully ours? A janitor will ask God to be given a job where he /she finds clean bathrooms . A business-man will ask for an economy where his income is never impacted and he is able to maintain his house, car, luxuries etc...but if they can really get over their myopic vision - they will ask for the one thing that really matters.

We are focused on something that is almost trivial in nature.

What do we really take with us when we die?
We take good karma.

Aren't we all losing the meaning of life?
Why struggle so much - sweat on things and issues that are essentially meaningless, while ignoring the intended purpose?

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  1. Great post! It makes you step back and see the big picture instead of worrying about the little details.


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