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Friday, July 16, 2010

From Peter

Relax the mind...get out of the rat race and view the world ...
See what happens

This is PETER's wisdom derived from Adya's talk

there are different fields of thought, and i am no expert, and there
are definitely some intensive concentration practices...
.Adya came out of
that type of discipline, and he has said many times that he did that until
he was completely exhausted, and that is when things opened up for him....

So again, i don't know if you were able to get on last night and talk to
Adya (i wasn't able to listen) but dropping everything and just resting is
just fine...you will notice as you rest more and more, that even when you
are walking down the street and in this rest state, it doesn't prevent you
from stopping at traffic lights, getting out of the way of cars, or
protecting yourself, in fact it will enhance it. Loch kelly (he has worked
with Adya, though they come out of different disciplines) has been doing
quite a bit of research and cites that in this rest state there is more
information coming in then when the mind is trying to collect information or
concentrate etc. AS the mind tries to understand everything, less
information is getting in (there is more filtering) as we open, and we are
"awareing" more information is coming through, and when the need for
concentration arises, it will happen naturally in this rest state. If a
project needs to be completed, then it will happen....

The more resting one can do, the more awareness becomes the default, as
opposed to the thinking mind...and Maggie, AWARENESS always knows
best....rely on awareness, rely on resting...it may take some time, and some
patience...over time it will become more natural....

best to you,

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