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Friday, September 03, 2010

Schmuck! Sri Sri Fraud Fraud? (Part 2)

Personally dealing with a schmuck at work - who is a self proclaimed instructor of Sudharshan Kriya
This guy is an absolute scam, gets by every day using his charm and wit
But is like a feather in the wind - no foundation and sways in any direction where the wind takes him.....not an ounce of integrity, and resorts to all sorts of gimmickry to survive.
If this guy is an instructor who is supposed to be reaping the benefits of the Sri Sri pranayama technique - why isn't he able to bring just a tad more integrity and forth rightness every day?
I have personally experienced what the artoflivingfree blog is proclaimed to the world.
The Sri Sri organization is seemingly composed of such folks.
What more can I say?

Watch out for these luxury gurus of the world - they are just making $$
Amway - aren't these guys like Amway?


  1. absolutely agree. sri sri himself is an effeminate character. in an interveiw with shobe de on TV , sri sri alongwith his sister were interviewed , and the question put was " who r the directores/office bearers " of yr orgn. and the reply was he , his sister and other relatives. so shoba de commented if it was a family business to which he kept quiet.all his sudarsan kriya classes are at a price for which hefty fees r charged. let him take free classes under a tree .

  2. Thank you for maintaining this blog. We all love to read it, and you're a great writer. I miss your posts about spirituality and getting close to God.

  3. Some of my family members are sucked into this cult of aol, my cousin is almost estranged from her family and two sons, her husband is trying to manage the house himself while she travels from Mumbai to Bangalore to do "seva" at the ashram and volunteer there, when she doesn't even help around her own house if the maid doesn't come. Sad. She now wants to be a teacher to "teach liberation to others". What rot.


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