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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon Night - Being Good!

As I stood gazing at the moon lit sky - the silent stars and the audacious bright light of jupiter competing with the magnificence of everything else...I felt a stillness come upon me....

What else is there to seek in life?

Aren't we all stuck in the rat race?

It seemed to me that I could have just made a simple objective of life - to be good and to be kind and to do good for all - and just love and help others
This world, maya jaaal, throws lots of travails and tribulations upon us all - couldn't we just rise above and say - I will not act upon it - but just make it a mission, a total unabashed mission, to help others?

Stay away from the desires of kaam, krodh, madh, lobh and just be God's servant, doing good for all - and not expect anything in return.

Life is so uncertain, so why are we in this rat race?
Life span on earth is short - and we tend to get all crooked and bent over to dupe the next guy, lie our way out of and into situations - what good will come out of that? And guess what, we are screwing up our happiness for that momentary joy, pride.
Is that really worth it?

Why can't we all rise above our situations and see through the fallacies of our way? That the only true path is to love and be good and if I am crucified for that - so be it.

Oh Lord Shiva - please give the world the fortitude to rise above and beyond and just love and be good and be your messengers

And....when I peak into my own scheming, wheeling dealing mind, it is just atrocious - and what good will come out of that. But like a rock that lies buried under still water, it will gradually and surely build moss - that is the situation of my mind. Some of it is the world's doing, but mostly my own inclination and the lack of wisdom and here I am ...where I am. and I am chained to my thoughts, my circumstances and the tendency to win...win at all odds, and little do I know that I am just like Sheikh Chilli creating my own downfall.

When will I learn?

I watched a great master once...who would talk the talk so well...
And I could tell his need to make a living and earn..
And even at that age - there was life in his needs and demands.
And perhaps, me being me, had no clue to what he was about
But, we are all entrapped ....
It takes super human strength to entangle from that

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