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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meditation Tips & Hints

Posted by: "Vikrant" free_for_blue
Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:37 am (PST)

Aug30 - Meditation tips from namashivaya.blogspot.com ............ PLEASE READ TILL THE END ...

1. Allow yourself to be exactly the way you are.
The moment we stop deeply, and relax completely, we can look inside. Then we will discover the infinite presence and essence of our eternal being who is always present. By letting you and your ego be exactly as they are, you stop getting caught in the mind's eternal trap of desire. You discover pure freedom. Some people will need to sit silent for weeks, months or even years (if their mind is deeply chaotic) to alleviate this trap of thinking.
However the moment the thinking and desiring program ceases, an amazing bliss will occur in that instant. When you have become the master and your mind the servant, something very magical happens. Your first real taste of unbounded freedom and unlimited potentiality is unleashed. To master this state of being, look inside for roots of peace and compassion and your life will automatically grow it's wings of freedom!

2. Accept the Universe exactly as it is.
Do not let the mind get attached to what meditating should feel like, look like or be like. Let go of all "shoulds" in your life and simply be here now. This day is as it should be, your life is EXACTLY as it should be, just as your thoughts and feelings are as they should be about it right now. However the more you can accept what's happening to you right now, the deeper you can relax about it. Acceptance always makes one relaxed and at ease. If self-acceptance comes in a trickle or a downpour, then that is right for you. Acceptance is the key to releasing all suffering and issues of avoidance or attachment.
As you practice embracing everything inside and outside you, remember whatever you have trouble accepting, is here to serve your highest purpose by pushing you towards a deeper experience of acceptance. If you encounter a serious negative emotional pull that is totally overwhelming, stop buying into it's dramatic story and step out of the game. Become aware! Pure awareness always burns through the mind's illusions...in an instant.
Depending on how long you've been ignoring certain issues in your life or running away from certain thoughts, the longer it may take you to actually relax, train and quiet the mind. Yet the very moment you let go of your life, and are infinitely patient and accepting of yourself the way you are, a completely over-flowing abundance of relaxation and energy will rise into you and through the world around you.

3. Explore everything with a childlike state of wonder.
When you're ready to take on a deeper meditation challenge, you are ready for self-inquiry. Start by asking the question, "Who am I?" Ask yourself, "Who is the one who is thinking this thought right now?" Dive into yourself!
Meditate on questions like, "Who is watching this experience now?" and "Who is hearing this interpretation of this experience now?" and "Who is experiencing this experience of living in this body?" and "Where is this thought coming from?" Notice what kinds of thoughts your mind creates to answer to this instantly enlightening ancient question.
When meditating, if you experience an increasing feeling of lightness, go with it! Ground it into your body with your breath. It's best to stay centered, in your body and integrate your experiences as they come, rather than get lost in the phenomena they produce. The greatest meditators blend heaven and earth at all times. They discover within each moment this deeper "knowing-ness" that they are this always connected to an Infinite Source of goodness inside.

4. Surrender to whom or what is present here now.
Surrender is the ultimate Key. We are imprisoned in the present moment for an eternity. Your body cannot escape the Now. The mind pretends it exists in the past and future by dreaming about them, yet the Truth contains you here. The moment you surrender to ANY internal battle in the mind and be present to the now, you'll notice the issue simply disappears! If you are having trouble surrendering, let your greatest fear arise in you. Face it directly. See if your fear is coming from a fear of loss, or a fear of separation from the Source. The meditative mind doesn't participate in such illusions because it is not attached to the gristle of each passing experience.

5. Know your a spiritual being without boundaries.
Understand a few things as you meditate for the next few months. You are not your thoughts or your body. You are also not your income, job, relationships, or lack of all the above. You are MUCH bigger than all of this. Do not participate in the drama of the mind! Your body is your temporary home, not your mind, thinking or head. Take time to be still, and totally present to the body. Listen to your breath, to your life. Feel your heart beat and see the awakening being inside!
We are always having an experience, be present to the one the most important one, the one that's happening NOW. If you're demanding to have a experience, you're cutting off this one and completely missing the river of your life-force. The moment you stop trying to make something Big happen, LIFE happens to you. If whatever you're doing doesn't work, do the opposite of what didn't work before. The more you can relax and simply be, the more abundant and full of life's infinite riches you'll become.

6. Watch The Mind!
This moment contains the entire Universe and is happening faster than you can think. The mind cannot keep up with the moment, there is too much happening in one moment to be contained by the mind. The mind is a very small container for this existence. Only when the mind surrenders to pure consciousness can the whole universe be contained within its grasp. Then it is gone. So watch the mind, be aware of its infinite agendas.
The mind will get caught in very subtle moments of the past and future. When you are totally in the moment, there truly is NO mind. Only a pure awareness remains. When you're sitting and being silent, being open to everything and resisting nothing, the Enlightening process suddenly begins. It happens in an instant. When the mind is completely at peace, when absolutely no worries, no concerns and no thoughts arise, notice what is there! The untainted being who is eternally present to the river of moments in existence slowly awakens!

7. Always, always, always be gentle with your self.
Be extremely gentle with yourself. Especially if this is your first attempt at meditating. If you ever get lost in the process always remember and repeat this ancient secret Zen saying, "Simply Being With What Is." If you can't stay focused on anything for more than 7 seconds, its O.K, you've just been stuck in the habit of not pulling back on the reigns of the mind. Relax, and be patient with yourself. Never ever allow yourself to go into a state of feeling guilty. Guilt is one of the lowest vibrations on the planet and will never manifest the results you want. Encourage yourself to stay FAR away from feeling guilt no matter what and always be gentle with YOU! You are the most important person in your life! When you are 100% at peace with your past, present and future, the blissful state of samadhi in meditation happens instantly!! Self love and gentleness are golden keys in my book to developing a state of meditation and are a result of stepping into a
samadhi experience..
If you have trouble relaxing into this gentleness...Imagine a warm gentle light entering in through your toes and then moving all the way up your legs, torso, chest, neck, arms, hands, head and finally all throughout your body। Breathe in and out slowly repeating this affirmation, "I am safe, I am loved, all is well in my world. Let these words sink deeply into your body. Allow any calming energy to grow and spread to the areas of tension. Give yourself permission to absorb feelings of relaxation and dissolve the stress that arises in the body and mind.
Meditation Techniques to Quiet The Chattering mind
1. Follow your breath. Don't try to control or change it, simply watch it.
2. Repeat a mantra (say a drawn out sound like AUUM)
3. Visualize a sacred/beautiful symbol.
4. Look directly into your another persons eyes.
5. Look into your eyes (in a mirror).
6. Visualize and feel your Kundalini and Chakras.
7. Focus on the space between the stars (pure nothing-ness)
8. Focus on an Infinite Source (Shiva,God, the Universe, Consciousness etc...)
9. Look directly into a candle flame 6 inches from your nose.
10. Meditate on the silence between your heartbeats.
Inner peace is always a choice...



  1. Namaste Shiva Bhakta,

    Wonderful tips for meditation, Have a Blessed Maha Shivaratri !



  2. Thanks for this post............... i agree with your information for mediation tips. It's very helpful for people. provide the information is very comfortable.
    Meditation Tips

  3. What a wonderful post by you vikrant, the points mentioned in the last is very appreciable.


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