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Monday, March 07, 2011

8 Forms of Lord Shiva

There are 8 forms of Siva.

Siva Lingam, is arupa-rupa, a combination of form and formlessness. There is a form, a cylindrical structure, above the circular base,
extended to the right as we look. This cylindrical structure is a phallic symbol and the bottom, called Avadai, the female symbol.

Bhikshatana - the form of a beggar, with Brahma's skull, as begging bowl, and the garland of skulls. This is from the story
of Daruka forest. He wears the skin of elephant as an upper robe and skin of tiger as waist robe.

Nataraja, the dancing god of India. He is primarily in Thillai or Chidambaram, but his metal images are available in all Siva
temples, including Mother's Temple in the Asramam. He wears again a tiger's skin, fire and hand drum on his two hands, the third
hand showing the left leg and the fourth hand as abhaya mudra, the protection sign. Under his right leg is Muyalakan, the demon
symbolizing delusion, apasmaram.

Kalyana Sundara - a very pleasant pose with Sivakami, his consort

Kalabairva - the fierce Siva dissolving the worlds.

Lingothbava - the primordial Lingam, which shows its face, at the time of creation. This is usually seen on the back-wall of any Siva Lingam shrine.

Somaskanda - S + Uma + Skanda. Siva with Uma and Skanda in between. A family image.

Sri Dakshinamoorthy is a formless Space only - as per Ramana Maharishi - the ever present teacher in the hills of Arunachala.

This list varies from book to book. The Chidambara Mahatmyam and Kunchitanghristavam of Arul Nandi Sivam, mention this.

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