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Monday, March 14, 2011

Guru's guidance

Gurus are around us - just pause and think of one.
The spiritual self of the guru is within you then

Posting by HairaKhan
Mahamuni Babaji is a very mysterious, reclusive, and divine Being. At any given time He is guiding and teaching souls on many planets and planes simultaneously. Many prophets of old, and of course more recently, received their mission and guidance from Him.

It is popular today for so many to say that they have seen Him, or that they spent time with Him in the Himalayas. They are victims of an overactive imagination and fantasy life. Some even deliberately exploit others in order to profit from His name. They will have to suffer many lives in the dark without spiritual guidance for their deceit.

Babaji has indeed appeared to some highly advanced yogis. He continues to do so. But my advice is to be very careful not to believe most of what you read or hear. Remember that even Sri Yukteswar (Autobiography of a Yogi) had trouble seeing Him before he had developed his (spiritual) vision enough.

That said, He is ever with us. Whenver you think of Him, or any Divine Being, they are instantly aware of your thoughts and devotion. And when we are able to still our minds in meditation, He is the very Light of our own awareness. Pray to Him for guidance and direction.

"Why do you seek my flesh and blood form when I am ever within the range of your Kutashta?" (spiritual sight)

-- Sri Lahiri Mahasay

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