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Monday, March 07, 2011

Simple life - and the connection with Ramana, Arunachala

KATRINE from NORWAY writes
When living in the cave in Spain for a month last winter I had a vision of India....
It came through as a cross going through a spiral of energy (the whole mountain vibrated as this spiral - and it was energetically connected to Arunachala - I recognized the vibration from the front cover of a book about "Arunachala - the mountain of light" ...a friend gave me the book a year before as a thank you for helping her translate Papaji's "This" into Norwegian. When she rang my doorbell...instead of her face ....she held up the book with Arunachala on the front cover.......and that day the book "Talks" by Ramana Maharshi was on my kitchen table.......so the mountain came to him and both lay on the table radiating presence for several weeks.....

During the vision in the cave......I saw that "india" is everywhere....and that the presence of Arunachala....once we connect to it, it too is everywhere. There are places in nature where energy vortexes cross......sort of like earth chakras. There must be many more of them....the vision explained the incredible silence in the barranco where the cave was situated....I used to sit on the ledge behind the fire..playing my low Irish whistle and meditating........when walking to and from the little town I could always feel where the start of the presence begun....right around a particular bend in the trail.......

Here is a video my Irish musician friend Aidan made when he stayed by himself in the same cave (we found the cave in December of 2009 and we both had separate retreats there later)

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