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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nadi Astrology


Historically the Naadi Shastra was spoken by Lord Siva to his wife Parvati a few thousand years ago, and transcribed onto palm leaves by the sage Kaushilka Rishi. Each leaf contains a concise description of a soul’s present lifetime, their previous life and possibly future life depiction. It also contains their previous life transgressions which have lead to difficulties in the present, as well as “remedies” to counteract the effects of these previous life bad karmas. It is literally a blueprint of your destiny. An questions regarding this can be answered in a book entitled “The Hidden Oracles of India” by Andrew & Angela Donavon – 2 English filmmakers who had their minds blown by this experience a few years ago. The Naadi reading left us in awe of the map of destiny, and how every action of previous lives, especially those that caused pain to others, lead to difficulties/lessons that we must endure in the present life. “What goes around most def comes around”. We were also grateful for the compassion of these higher beings & bygone sages for aiding us in alleviating the malefic effects of our misdeeds, as well as guiding us to deeper spiritual insights and devotion. It also helped us gain clarity into the vision of our present life situation – what were were truly meant to do, in what time frame, as well as what negative tendencies & situations to avoid. A lot to swallow, believe me.

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