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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sentiments of Shiva Bhakta on this Shivaratri

This Shivaratri, apart from celebrating the wedding day of Lord Shiva and Parvati, people should also celebrate the universal appeal of arguably the coolest Gods on the planet.

Everyone from writer Amish Tripathi whose Shiva trilogy proved to be a best-seller, Hrithik Roshan, the super star who is rumoured to star in the movie version of the book, the makers of the serial Devon ke Dev Mahadev to the deeply religious and even party animals (who think Shiva is rocking) are in love with Him.

Everything from His belief that everyone is God (Har Har Mahadev), to His extraordinary powers as a yogi, image as a destroyer of evil and a transformer, to His hot image as this dreadlocked hunk with superb dancing abilities and someone who possesses all the good qualities that one should have, make Him a huge hit with all.

Amish Tripathi , Author of the Shiva Trilogy

“Traditionally, Lord Shiva has been looked upon as the originator of music, dance, yoga and the Vedas. It is believed that the universe was created as a result of the Tandava Nritya. He is looked up to with a cool quotient or as a democratic god as He is considered to be a passionate lover, drinks bhaang, fights for the underdogs, doesn’t care about one’s caste, creed or status but blesses them all.

There is a saying about Him in Banaras: ‘Shivji apne bhakton ke bhakt hain (Shiva is a devotee of His devotees)’ and it’s this humility and attitude that makes Him so popular. I was an atheist but with Lord Shiva’s blessings, I turned into a believer. Yet I feel that we should respect all religions and God without disrespecting any. Shivaratri begins at 2 am and it is believed that the energy of the universe gets aligned during this period. I am going to be up all night worshipping the lord and do some writing as well.”

Dr Rama Devi, Director, Sri Sai Nataraja Academy of Kuchipudi Dance

“Shiva is everything to me. I believe that dancers are blessed by Shiva and I have therefore dedicated my life to Him by teaching dance more than performing. ‘Bhola Shankara’ is a symbol of giving; he gave boons without any conditions and without considering the consequences. Therefore I have adapted the philosophy of charity and giving.”

V. Ramesh, Artist

“Shiva is generally seen as a symbol of destruction, but I see Him as a manifestation of reality around us and in all of us. In India, especially in the South, the five elements of nature are represented through five Shiva temples. Also, Shiva is one god whose image we don’t worship. We worship a concept in various forms. This signifies that He is eternal. But we need to remember that we can’t dumb down things and concepts and try to understand things in its complexity.”

B. Sivadhara Reddy , DIG, Special Intelligence Branch

“My parents named me after Lord Shiva and I have a special liking for Shiva. He is considered to be the god who answers devotees’ calls quickly. He is a Dravidian God and Layakara. Among the holy Trinity, He is considered to be both the destroyer and creator. He is the god of shudras. I pray to him when I am in trouble and He has always answered my prayers. Shiva is also known to look after the well-being of animals. I fast on every Shivaratri.”

Gaddar, Balladeer and revolutionary

“I haven't become a believer of Lord Shiva yet. But I am in the process of questioning and realising the positive aspects of Lord Shiva. In my song, I ask the ‘God of untouchables’ to open his third eye. Without going into the debate of avatars I can say Lord Shiva gave respect to untouchables. My family is of Buddhist origin who turned towards Marxism and then to Naxalism. Now I believe in nature. We will see where it takes me.”

Srinidhi Chidambaram, Danseuse

“For a dancer like me , who is steeped in dance for the past 35 years, Lord Shiva is an embodiment of movement, life and rhythm. The symbol of Lord Nataraja, whose cosmic dance keeps the universe in motion and the cosmos in orbit, is ingrained in my inner self.”

Prasad Bidappa,Fashion Choreographer

“I look at Shiva as the creator. He is a pillar of strength to me. Lord Shiva to me represents a lot of power and strength and I derive my daily energies from him.”

Rehane, Designer

“Shiva is one of my favourite Gods. He is very inspiring. To me he is the epitome of masculine energy.”

Vehaan Verma, music producer, jazz drummer, founder of DrumBerries

“Shiva's dumroo is a very big inspiration for all drummers. It's a symbol of freedom as the vibrations from the dumro takes anyone into a meditative state of trance. The best part about the instrument is that anybody can play it as well. We all could learn a lot from Shiva as human beings. His simplicity and his be yourself attitude, if adapted, by all could make the world a better place.”

Stan Evans, Brand Manager, Porsche

“To me he is the original super-hero and is iconic across the globe. Shiva has all the facets and powers that today’s films and comic heroes are made of.”

Dr Bharath Reddy, Cardiologist and film actor

“Lord Shiva is the lord of all Gods. He introduced Rudraksha for the welfare of human beings. As a doctor and film actor, I draw lot of inspiration from Lord Shiva. The Rudraksha keeps me cool, maintains by blood pressure and provides me with mental stability to make a balance between cardiology and Tollywood. Lord Shiva also gave us the concept of meditation and Siddha.”

Lakshmi Ravichander, Danseuse

“To me he is the original super-hero and is iconic across the globe. Shiva has all the facets and powers that today’s films and comic heroes are made of.”

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