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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Harbinger of good times...

Some realizations after a blissful weekend @ Harbin - this below is what I expressed somewhere. This was a  workshop - about getting in touch with our inner awareness.
Thank you all you beautiful people for such a blissful weekend.

I had a strange realization after all the thinking (always wondering what door is opening up in my path - and why did it open up? Perhaps too much thinking)

I am sometimes totally out of my comfort zone and a *very* wise man recognized that and acknowledged that yesterday silently to me, and appreciated the "plunge" that I was willing to take for the transformation and the openness. How important has that been for me??

But the final though of wisdom that emerged for me while driving earlier this morning:
what is the compelling reason that got me back to Harbin again? And let me see if I can summarize it here
- It is to find the inner consciousness, that is constantly beating, but shut out by the worldly noise. (I felt that on many occasions this past weekend, during the Yoga, dances, in the hot springs...
- And to feel the love and spread the love; that sometimes we tend to suppress from our daily world. We are all in this world to only love and spread the love; our sole purpose.

And Harbin is very conducive to both; feeling the stillness from which directly emerges the love. The love that emerged unabashed and gushing forth at our tunnel of love during closing circle. That was a magical moment. ... It was so magical to see that love gush forth in all its splendor towards each and everyone in the room - I am still reeling with the sheer authenticity and purity of that. Never thought I had it in me. I just feel so much love for all humanity, living beings, nature, God - everything has a magical beat to it and I feel truly blessed to be living this life.

And having experience that - it is for me to now continue to function in this outside world - keeping those tenets close to me; and that will ultimately turn the world into a place that it was always meant to be.

I was at a meeting Monday, the day after I got back from Harbin - and my conversations were still happening from my heart space - my persona was so much relaxed, it was all about giving, and forming that relationship - coz at the end of the day, that is all that mattered. It was a unique feeling to converse from the heart - devoid of any prejudices, or judgements - but just pure and simple love. That simplified it very much!

Harbin is indeed a harbinger of the world that will be one day, when the collective humanity has figured out how to stay in the consciousness and co-exist magically and peacefully.

Harbin is one spiritual pilgrimage that every soul needs, again and again - to truly make the world special. I have made a mental resolve to be there every quarter to be constantly reminded of these core tenets of proper living.

Thank you Jee for creating such an ateeee uttam workshop!
Ateee Sundar - that touched the inner recesses of the soul of everyone present, making us all softer, gentler, loving individuals as we merge back into the world.

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