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Monday, July 30, 2012

Formless Shiva

The final Monday of the Shravan month.
Interesting weekend - as I took a long plane ride to the east coast to attend a wedding.
And I continued reading FACE TO FACE WITH SRI RAMAN MAHARISHI - Enchanting and Uplifing Reminiscences of 160 persons.

And I came across this - page 68
Once someone enquired of Bhagavan as to what he would request if Lord Shiva appeared before him on His bull prompting him to ask for a boon. Bhagavan is reported to have said, "Do not try to deceive me. He has no form. I don't want to be tempted by your questions. He is the formless Self in all"

And I wondered - that period when Bhagavan went into deep meditation. What really happened?
What was his consciousness doing?
Was he just blissful in his consciousness and chose to shut out the world?
Or was he still seeking?

I would love to find out.
And I actually emailed the ashram a while back - if they had a recording of his voice.

So going back to the form...
If he is the formless, and I hold onto the form. 
So who is the SHIVA with the matted hair, and with the trishul?
What does Bhagavan know that he called Shiva as formless.
So to be formless is to be God?

And...I ...and you, and everyone carries Shiva with themselves?
And why is Jesus Christ so popular then? Or Krishna for that matter?
And doesn't that give me a chip over my shoulder to be carrying Shiva with me.
And I dwelt on SHIVA being part of everything.
The world - being Shivness

And - as Bhagavan has said - The eyes would never know what it looked like, but for the mirror.
The consciousness would never know what it looked like, but for the world. The world is the mirror for the consciousness. And I haven't digested that. How did Bhagavan gain these insights - by deep meditation alone? When did he really read all those books, Vivekachudamani etc. if he held a mehfil every single day?

But we look at the mirror and think that the mirror is true and everything else is false.

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