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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Revelation

 I was reading this book, recommended by one of many fun relatives

The Laws of The Spirit World
Khorshed Bhavnagari
Everything came together.
One of the reviews from Amazon"This books shows in simple language how to make spiritual progress so that we can live a more happy, positive and loving life and ascend to higher levels during this lifetime. It tells us in clear language that those people who resist changes and do not learn to forgive, love and express gratitude will have a tough time ahead. It tells us that positive and good people always receive help from higher realms even during tough times (remember Noah's Arc story?) and those who are negative perish"
The book explains that we are in Universe 3 out of 7
The Universe 3 has 7 levels.
Level 1 being the worst, and Level 7 being the best
Level1 - has all kinds of slimeballs.
Level7 - has the best of souls
Level 1 is over-populated
To move up from one level to the next, it takes 200 to 300 years.
You have a fast track version - come to earth and do good
You do good in this world, within 60 years you can move upto the next level.
You decide what good you want to do in this world.
But it is like snake and ladders
You do bad in this world (and chances are very high since you are surrounded by evil) you are bitten by the snake and you go down a level or two.
Earth gives you a chance to do good and move up to the higher level.
So how do we stay away from evil, when the world appears so real with the glitz and glamor, the money the babes you name it.

So here is my theory - that the book doesn't explain
We talk about meditating, and going to our inner recesses.
Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi talks about going to the source of the breath - who are you.
When we do that - we are in touch with our sub-consciousness, and we start receiving the messages.
There is always data coming from our sub-consciousness, this is how we behaved when we were infants. When the I/ego took over, we stopped responding occasionally to our  conscience, and ignoring it for 'wordly progress/riches'. The conscience begins fading away. When we commit a sin, the conscience guides us, and we ignore it. Do it a few times, and the conscience stops resonating within the mind. We turn into Darth Wader. 
You listen to your conscience, you can become Yoda sans the funky grammar.
So to become Yoda, we need to meditate.
How important is it?
Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi advised, knowing who we are as most important. Everything else is trivial. If we can listen to our conscience, we are doing the right things in this world to progress up.

So by thinking of WHO AM I...going deep inside us, we are obeying our conscience, and get to move up the level. Who wants to design a video game for this?

And watch this movie..http://www.amazon.com/Astral-City-Spiritual-Journey-Subtitled/dp/B007UK0ETU/

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