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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Author unknown
 Human life is very precious, The Infinite God has given us the human body on billions request to give us human form body, 84 lakhs thousands life cycles yonis, We get this human body form we arya called as yonis, kindly do not waste your time please do not fight with others, with your relatives and freinds and your enemies, Accept your folks as they are, do not Change them, Let Them exist as it they stand and send unconditional love sanjivini message to all folks attached , Do not cry wasting time, do not waste watching idot box tv, instead do 2 hours mediatation to promote your inner energy to heal and guide to liberate you from human suffering and this a great oppurtunity in human body to experience the divine love by siddha sadnas of shiv yog sadnas to merge with ultimate lord shiva shakti, or else narayan shakti, mahavir lord, buddha lord, lord allah, lord jesus whatever form of infinite shakti the time has come to merge with the infinite 

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